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6 True Teacup Dog Breeds to Consider when Buying a Teacup Puppy

True Teacup puppies are exceptionally tiny puppies that are rare and hard to find true to size.

Purchasing teacup puppy requires finding a licensed & reputable breeder that understands the extra care and attention that tiny puppies need. Reputable Dog Breeders define a Teacup Puppy to weigh less than 5 lbs when full grown.

Based on the size definition, there are

6 True Teacup Dog Breeds to Consider when buying a Teacup Puppy.

Teacup Chihuahua Puppy

The Teacup Chihuahua

Often called the original Teacup Puppy, the Teacup Chihuahua was one of the very first teacup dog breeds and is currently the tiniest breed recognized by the American Kennel Club!

Chihuahua Personality

Chihuahua's are very affectionate and loving dogs that are known to bond very strongly with one person in the household. In fact, their bond can be so strong that they often become overprotective and jealous of others that may get too close to their owner.

Chihuahua Recommendations

The Chihuahua has teeny bones that compose their tiny body frame and allows them to be remarkably small. This small body type also prevents the Chihuahua from regulating their body temperature and staying warm. Many Chihuahua's will burrow themselves under blankets and pillows to warm their tiny body up! It is strongly recommended to purchase a light sweater or t-shirt for your Chihuahua to wear year-round. Also, consider investing in a warm pet-blanket to keep Chihuahua puppies warm at night.

The Teacup Yorkshire Terrier

Although small in size, the Teacup Yorkie is very big in personality! The Yorkshire Terrier was originally bred as a hunting dog for small rodents and intentionally bred tiny to chase tiny animals. For this reason, they are small, but confident and brave!

Yorkie Personality

As a hunting dog, the Yorkie is a very intelligent breed that is easy to train to do tricks and play games. They are even described as being “too-smart” and often try and play tricks on their owners! There is never a shortage of fun with a Yorkie in the home!

Yorkie Recommendations

The Yorkie, like all small breed dogs, have tiny bones and teeth that should never be neglected. We stress the importance of strong dental care with small breed dogs to prevent loose or fallen teeth at old age. Tropiclean Oral Care Gel is a great product that is very easy to use to keep their teeth clean. Just apply a small amount of gel under your dogs gums and the gel will naturally spread between their teeth to break up tartar and plaque!

Tiny Teacup Baby Face Maltese
Tiny Teacup Baby Face Maltese

The Teacup Maltese

One of the best companion dog breeds available is the Teacup Maltese. This beautiful dog breed is known for its gentle demeanor and attentiveness.

Maltese Personality

The Maltese is a very loving and caring dog that enjoys cuddling and sitting with their owners for long periods of time. While the Maltese does have a lively personality and enjoys playing, they will often choose cuddling with their owner over playing.

Maltese Recommendations

The Maltese is defined by their bright white coat and silky soft hair. Tropiclean White Coat Shampoo can be used to help keep their coat white and their hair soft! Tropiclean uses natural ingredients (no bleach or alcohol) to keep your pet's coat looking lavish & bright!

Teacup Poodle - Chocolate & White Parti Color
Teacup Poodle - Chocolate & White Parti Color

The Teacup Poodle

The Poodle is a versatile breed available in several sizes and colors. Poodles are available in Standard and Giant sizes as well as Toy and Teacup! They are also available in a large variety of colors, including party-colors!

Poodle Personality

The Poodle has both beauty and brains with their high intelligence and beautiful curly locks. The Poodle is known to be an active and adventurous dog with a fun personality. They are also one of the smartest dog breeds in the world and very easy to train!

Poodle Recommendations

The Poodle, like all small breed dogs, have tiny bones and small trachea's. The trachea is the bone that protects their windpipe and can be damaged easily if they are pulled to harshly with a collar. Always use a harness when walking your teacup puppy to avoid a collapsed trachea in small breed dogs.

Teacup Pomeranian Puppy

The Teacup Pomeranian

The Teacup Pomeranian has gained wide popularity recently, and rightfully so! They are fun, smart, and beautiful! The Pomeranian has a gorgeous double-coat that almost makes them look like a fox! They are also very smart dogs and have funny personalities!

Pomeranian Personality

The Pomeranian is known to be energetic and playful and requires lots of exercise. They are loving and affectionate dogs that enjoy playtime with their owners!

Pomeranian Recommendation

The Teacup Pomeranian also has tiny, delicate bones that can easily break. A playpen or crate is recommended to keep your Pomeranian safe when you are not able to keep an eye on them. If a Pomeranian jumps from a couch or high furniture without supervision they can easily break their bones. Be extra careful with your Teacup Pomeranian!

The Teacup Shih-Tzu

The Shih-Tzu is the new-comer to the Teacup Party and still making their debut as a tiny Teacup Puppy. Traditionally, Shih-Tzu’s have a large amount of muscle mass that makes them heavier dogs, but throughout the years, they have finally made it to true Teacup size!

The Shih-Tzu Personality

The Shih-Tzu is one of the friendliest and happiest dog breeds available. Very little can ever upset them or puts them on edge. They are truly happy and loving dogs that just love attention!

Shih-Tzu Recommendation

One health condition to be aware of is an Umbilical Hernia. An Umbilical Hernia looks like a small bump near their belly and may resemble an “outie” belly-button. Most puppies grow out of this, but a veterinarian can help monitor the condition as the puppy ages. Hernia surgery can also remove the bump during spay or neuter if necessary.

Teacup Morkie Puppies

Mixed Breed Teacup Options

Due to growing popularity, mixed breeds such as the Morkie (Maltese & Yorkie mix), the Malti-Poo (Maltese & Poodle mix) & the very new Daisy (Malti-Poo & Shih-Tzu mix) are also available in Teacup sizes. If both parents are true Teacup dogs then the mixed puppies are often Teacup sized as well.

The benefit of a mixed-breed dog is being able to combine the DNA and personality traits of specific breeds to design a perfect puppy.

For instance, the Malti-Poo combines the gentle and loving demeanor of the Maltese, and the brains and intelligence of the Poodle, to create a very easy to train and loving, companion dog. The Daisy is the newest hybrid breed available and combines three personalities to create a very unique and rare puppy.

Choosing a Teacup Puppy

While there are many factors to consider when choosing a new puppy, we have found it most important to consider the personality and size that works best for you and your family.

All puppies are cute and fun, but Teacup puppies are very small and delicate animals that require extra care and attention. All Teacup Puppies are also available in Toy sizes that adds just a couple extra pounds for extra support and stability and can sometimes be a safer option.

Always remember, the smaller the dog the more fragile they can be. Consider a size that works well with your family.

And always, always, always buy from a reputable breeder! Do NOT promote puppy mills or back yard breeders. Animals have right. Please read our buying tips on how to avoid being scammed when purchasing a Teacup puppy!

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