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Scroll Down This Long Page To View All 7 Pets!

Price option 6 is the lowest price available on any pet. The lowest priced pets are always at very bottom of this page. Price is subject to change without notice and sale price can end any time.


1. Scroll down this very long page.
2. Click open any Photo Button below. Photos are clickable buttons.
3. Then look under puppy picture for size, sex and a variety of price options.
4. Every puppy has his/her own page with Price, Sex & Size.
5. Price option 6 is the lowest price available on any pet.
6. Puppies are Sold or Adopted to the first person to submit an application. Click open any application for full details.
Cell phone users maybe unable to view all puppies & discounted price at the bottom of each page, pages are very long.

Reduced Price Pets Under $3,075

4071-22 Profile Picture_edited.jpg
4141-24 Profile Picture_edited.jpg
4134-24 Profile Picture_edited.jpg
4114-23 Profile Picture_edited.jpg

Pets on this page are available, unless they are marked sold/on hold or an application comes in 1 minute ahead of yours.

Reduced Price Adults

Benefits of buying a puppy over 8 months of age or adult.

1. They are more advanced in training.

2. Temperament is developed. As a dog ages they tend to become more calm and even tempered.

3. They are full grown in height, length and weight. This may be beneficial to you if you have purchased a pet that got bigger than what you wanted in the past.

4. Past the biting, scratching & chewing stage. Important to seniors or people with health issues with thin skin.

5. Completed all of their puppy vaccines. $75 X 4 = $300

6. Can be certified as a service dog at 6 months of age.

511-18 Profile Picture_edited.jpg

Adoption Pets! $1,875 to $25

Posted here below the blue lines.

If the price drops under $25 for over 48 hours we make them available FREE to our waiting list customers and

Facebook followers. These are the lowest priced pets we have on our web site.

4033-22 Female Maltese (6)_edited.jpg
4048-22 Profile Picture_edited_edited.jpg
4055-22 Profile Picture_edited.jpg


View puppies & adults that were ADOPTED from this page for $25.00 to $2,075.00

If you would like purchase a puppy at a discounted price and take advantage of these discounted prices it will be your responsibility to locate a puppy in the breed and price range you are interested in.

How to Adopt a Deal-of-the-Day or Adoption Pet

Click open this button to understand the purchase or adoption process and what to expect when you visit along with our address.

Adoption Rules

Puppies are sold or adopted to the first person to submit an application and pick-up within time allowed.

  • If there is NO application submitted you will be quoted and charged the Starting Price for your pet.

  • Employees are not allowed to quote the discounted /adoption price option 4, 5, 6.

  • A Viewing Appointment or Financing Application is NOT the same as submitting a Purchase Application. 

(Adoption pets are not bred at our location. Dominating breed is listed under breed.)

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