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What is a Dog Dentist? And 3 Products we Recommend to Keep Your Dog's Teeth Clean!

How to Keep Your Pet's Teeth Clean!
Dog Dental Care

Recently, a previous customer came to us in search of their second Teacup puppy. When they came to visit, they informed us that their previous dog had passed away during her regular dental appointment. We were shocked to hear the news and they were devastated that a routine teeth cleaning could take their perfect pet’s life.

While regular dental cleaning is strongly recommended in all dogs, small breed dogs are at greater risk during dental exams due to the use of anesthesia.

Dogs that weigh less than 15 lbs have smaller lungs and a smaller heart that normally cannot endure anesthesia and may cause them to go into cardiac arrest or even have a heart attack.

We wanted to take this opportunity to offer an alternative recommendation for regular dental cleaning in small breed dogs as well as review products to use for preventative dental care.

Why is Dental Care in Dogs so Important?

Small breed dogs are small in every aspect, small body, small bones, and very small teeth! These tiny teeth need extra care and attention if they will last their lifetime. Regular teeth cleaning and preventative care are strongly recommended in all dogs to protect their teeth & gums, especially small dogs!

If your pet’s breath has started to smell, it may be the first sign of a serious dental disease, Pet Periodontal Disease.

Pet Periodontal Disease

According to the American Veterinary Dental Society, an unbelievable 80% of dogs begin to show signs of Oral Disease by the age of 3 and Pet Periodontal Disease is the most common. Pet Periodontal Disease is a bacterial infection of the mouth that destroys the tooth bone and spreads beneath the gum line leading to immobile and painful teeth.

Common Signs & Symptoms

Bath Breath

Yellow or brown buildup (tartar) on the teeth

Red, swollen, or bleeding gums

Excessive drooling

Changes in eating or chewing habits

Pawing at the face

Loose teeth

Although Periodontal Disease is very common, it is entirely preventable! Just like humans, dogs need to have their teeth cleaned regularly. Preventative care starts in house with a high-quality dog food, dental treats, and the creation of new & easy to use dental cleaning products. Below are some recommendation on products we use with our pets to keep their teeth clean!

1. Tropiclean Fresh Breath Oral Care Gel for Dogs

About Tropiclean Fresh Breath Oral Care Gel

Overall, nothing beats regular teeth brushing! However, good luck getting your dog to sit still long enough! Most dogs do not want to have their teeth brushed! So, aside from brushing, our number recommendation, is Tropiclean Fresh Breath Oral Care Gel!

How to Use Tropiclean Fresh Breath Oral Care Gel

Tropiclean Oral Care Gel only requires 2 drops on each side of your dogs mouth once daily to fight plaque and freshen breath! Fresh Breath Clean Teeth Oral Care Gel has a unique blend of powerful, natural ingredients that removes and defends against plaque and tartar, providing fresh breath for friendlier smooches. It also promises visibly cleaner teeth in just 30 days! With clean teeth, fresh breath, and no brushing, it’s a great way to jump start your pets dental health!

Tropiclean Fresh Breath Oral Care Gel Review

The benefits of Fresh Breath Oral Care Gel are its easy to use application and its clearly visible results. We have noticed cleaner, brighter, and whiter teeth in dogs after just a few days of use. We are also a fan because it uses 100% Naturally Derived Ingredients for a safe and gentle way to clean teeth at home, no toothbrush required! For those that have dogs that fight teeth brushing, we recommend Fresh Breath Oral Care Gel.

You can check it out here: Fresh Breath Oral Care Gel

Also available in other Flavors & Options:

Additional Flavors: Vanilla Mint and Peanut Butter

2. Tropiclean Fresh Breath Water Additive

About Tropiclean Fresh Breath Water Additive

Unless your pet has learned to gargle mouthwash, you’re going to want to try Fresh Breath Water Additive! Fresh Breath Water Additive works similar to mouthwash for humans in that it is able to kill bacteria and freshen breath quickly. Fresh Breath Water Additive is Veterinarian Recommended and very easy to use!

How to Use Fresh Breath Water Additive

Simply add one cap full of Fresh Breath Water Additive to your Pet’s water bowl each morning to freshen breath for up to 12 hours! Every time your pet drinks water they will be killing bacteria, removing plaque and tartar build up, and reduce their risk of periodontal disease! And with a 14-day promise to notice fresher breath it provides quick results!

Fresh Breath Water Additive Review

If you are a looking for an easy and simple solution to help your pet fight bad breath and promote strong dental care, Fresh Breath Water Additive is veterinary recommended and as easy as a drink of water! With every sip of water your pet takes you will be helping them fight plaque & tartar without having to brush their teeth! We have used the Fresh Breath Water Additive as a preventative in our dogs because it is easy to use and it uses safe and all-natural ingredients like aloe & green tea!

We strongly recommend Tropiclean Fresh Breath Water Additive alone or in combination with Oral Care Gel. Check it out here: Tropiclean Fresh Breath Water Additive: Advanced Whitening

Also available in:

Fresh Breath Water Additive for Puppies : Gentle enough for small puppies!

Fresh Breath Water Additive for Skin & Coat: Contains extra vitamins to support skin & coat!

3. Tropiclean Fresh Breath Dental Chews

About Tropiclean Fresh Breath Dental Chews

A treat a day keeps the bad breath away! What dog doesn’t like treats? And what better way to reward them than by providing them with a healthy and delicious treat every day! Fresh Breath Dental Chews have a unique chewy texture that simulates brushing with each bite, safely and effectively removing plaque and tartar, while helping eliminate bad dog breath.

How to Use Fresh Breath Dental Chews

Just one Fresh Breath Dental Chew daily will help support your dog’s oral health through natural ingredients that are gluten and grain free! Each delicious Fresh Breath Dental Chew is infused with natural ingredients including TropiClean’s powerful combination of natural minerals, coconut and green tea. This natural combination turns stinky dog breath into fresh breath. Fresh Breath Dental Chews are gluten and grain free and proudly made in the USA. Address the importance of your dog’s oral hygiene with the delicious tasting Fresh Breath by TropiClean Advanced Cleaning Dental Chews.

Tropiclean Fresh Breath Dental Chews Review

Fresh Breath Dental Chews are an extra way to help promote healthy gums, strong teeth, and fresh breath! We have found that most dogs love the taste and texture of the dental chews and strongly recommend for dogs that love treats! Our only concern is some of our dogs are actually too small for even the small sized treats, but we can easily break them in half to reduce their size and make them last longer!

Check them out here: Fresh Breath Dental Chews

BONUS: Oral Care Kits for Dogs

Of course, brushing your dog's teeth regularly is the absolute best way to fight plaque and tartar and promote strong oral care in your pet. The Fresh Breath Oral Care Kit includes a TripleFlex™ Toothbrush, Finger Brush and our Brushing Gel for Dogs. The Brushing Gel for Dogs is infused with green tea leaf extract that naturally defends against plaque and tartar and clings to their teeth for a superior clean. The TripleFlex Toothbrush cleans 3x faster with its easy 360-degree bristles. Also included is the Finger Brush which allows you to gently clean helping dissolve plaque and tartar. Clean teeth, healthy mouth, happy dog.

Available in-store only.

Regular Dog Dental Cleaning

Preventative care is only step one in the fight to protect your pet’s teeth and gums. Just like humans, dog’s should have their teeth professionally cleaned regularly to perform deep cleaning between the teeth and under the gums.

Visit an Anesthesia-Free Dog Dentist

For most dogs, the benefits of using anesthesia during teeth cleaning out ways the risks associated. However, small breed dogs, especially teacup and toy sized dogs, are at a greater risk anytime that anesthesia is used. This is another reason we strongly recommend that puppies grow to adulthood before they are spayed or neuter. You want to ensure that your dog is fully developed and can truly handle the surgery before you allow them to endure anesthesia and surgery.

How do Dog Dentist’s clean a Dog’s teeth without Anesthesia?

Teacup & Toy Pets Boutique partners with a Dental Hygienist that specializes in dental cleaning without the use of anesthesia. This is a truly specialized skill and we are very lucky to have found her. She is able to work with dogs of any size without the use of any anesthesia and does this by calming the dog before cleaning and swaddling the dog in a soft blanket (similar to swaddling a newborn baby) to prevent them from fighting during cleaning. She then cleans each tooth individually to remove plaque, tartar, and debris.

We schedule two visits per year to the public. Contact us directly to receive updates on our next Dog Dentist appointment.

Regular Dog Dentist appointments and preventative care between visits will ensure the healthiest teeth year-round!

How do you keep your dogs teeth clean and their breath fresh? Leave us a comment below!

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