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How To Find Puppies & Prices 

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To view all available puppies & prices from a cell, computer, laptop or Ipad all you have to do is follow these steps. 

STEP 1: 

Click the >PUPPIES FOR SALE< pink button at the top of this page to see the cutest puppies on the internet! 

STEP 2: 

Scroll down the long page then CLICK OPEN THE  PHOTO BUTTON OF THE  BREED YOU ARE INTERESTED IN. All photos are buttons you need to click them open for more information.

STEP 3: 

Or click open the "Deal of The Day" Orange Button to view adoption and discounted priced pets.

STEP 4: 

Read the instructions at the beginning of every page you open.

STEP 5: 

Click the PHOTO BUTTON of the puppy you are interested in. Every puppy has their own page with DOB, size, sex, price, etc.

STEP 6: 

Scroll down the entire puppy page for all information on that specific puppy - the lowest discounted price option #5 or #6 is at the bottom of each puppy's page.


All websites with a lot of photos or videos are considered high graphic photo web sites and you may not be able to download and view all available puppies on your cell phone or view the discounted price at the bottom of each puppy page. For the best experience use a desktop, laptop, tablet or IPad.


IMPORTANT: Please note that puppies are sold or adopted to the first person to click the "APPLICATION" button at the lower part of the puppy's page. Payment is not required on application. Pay at pick up.


All puppies are available for sale or adoption unless they are marked SOLD/ADOPTED.

If the puppy is marked ON HOLD Back-Up applications are accepted.

Puppies are not held for customers waiting for flight information, pictures or videos. 

Price Information

PRICE INFORMATION: Click open this button for the average price of our puppies and how to purchase one of our puppies at a discounted price.

When you visit our location, you will be quoted and charged the starting price if you did not submit an application on a specific internet only discounted puppy the day before coming.

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