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Puppies are placed on a 4 business hour hold or SOLD to the first person to submit an application for a specific Pet ID Number and come to purchase the puppy in person within the 4 business hour hold period.

All puppies are available for sale or adoption unless marked HOLD/SOLD/ADOPTED or someone submits an application 1 minute ahead of yours. Back-Up applications accepted on all puppies on hold.

1. Click open the "PUPPIES FOR SALE" button.

2. Scroll down the long page until you find the photo button for the breed you're interested in and click that photo!

        * If shopping on a budget, click open the orange "DEAL of THE DAY" button for adoption & reduced price pets.*

3. Then click open the PHOTO BUTTON of the PUPPY you are interested in.

        * If you see a puppy you like that's outside of your price range check out our payment plans page        >HERE<

4. Scroll down the puppy's long page to see the different price options and select the price option that works best for you.

5. Submit a Puppy Purchase or Adoption Application one day before your appointment!

        * Applications can be found at the bottom of any puppy page. Every puppy has their own page.*

        * Payment is not required on the pet purchase or adoption application - pay for the puppy after viewing the puppy in person!

6. Reserve a viewing appointment time by clicking  > HERE <

7. Confirm you are coming to your viewing appointment between 5:00 am to 9:00 am on the day of your visit by calling or texting us at 972-989-5266 or 972-203-0000


  • Price is subject to change without notice and the pet maybe sold without notice. Therefore you may want to pick a back-up puppy or pay a hold fee in order to lock in the price or keep the pet you are interested in from being sold.

  • You are not committed to purchase the puppy(ies) you submitted applications for. Prices that were available or offered on any puppies you came to see and all holds are released the minute you walk out the door after declining a pet, purchasing one, or taking more time to think about purchasing. 


If you want to guarantee that the puppy will not be sold before you can visit you can pay a non-refundable $50.00 per day hold fee. This fee is charged because we pass up other opportunities for the puppy to find it's forever home. 

We will normally hold a puppy slightly longer than the 4 business hours for you until you arrive if you call or text confirm your appointment the morning of your viewing appointment, especially if you have a long drive.

We may receive multiple applications for the same pet, especially during gift giving holidays. Price options 5 and 6 are available primarily available to local customers that are ready to buy now and come and view the pet ASAP! They are not recommended for customers that need to fly in and pick up their puppy, as a puppy can only be held at Price Options 1-4. Price options 4, 5, and 6 are Not available to customers that use shipping.

If you need to come days, weeks or months later. A longer hold time is available with a larger paid deposit for an individual who submitted an application with price options 1 through 3. 


We strongly suggest that you submit a back-up application for a second and third choice pet if you do not want to pay a hold fee to guarantee that a puppy you submitted an application for will still be available when you come for your viewing appointment. This is also highly recommended if you submitted an application for our Mystery Pet or any pet listed on the Deal of the Day page. 

Keep in mind that we will only have the puppies that you requested to see. We will not have extras available.


Payment is due in full upon making a decision on which puppy you would like to take home in person.
Please apply for and get approved for financing before coming if you plan to use financing for payment.


The process normally takes 2 hours. However, it will take longer if you spend more than 30 minutes picking out a puppy. The amount of questions you have and your payment method can also add time to your appointment. We never want to make you feel rushed and want you to feel confident taking your new pet home.

Please know that you can request a double appointment slot in advance if you feel that you will need extra time or if you would like to view more than three puppies.

Believe it or not, your appointment can take up to 4 hours if you do not apply for financing before you come and decide to apply during your appointment.

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