How to Adopt or Purchase a Puppy

Puppies are placed on a 2 to 4 hour Hold or SOLD to the first person to submit an application for a specific puppy number.

All puppies are available for sale or adoption unless marked SOLD/ADOPTED or someone submits an application 1 minute ahead of yours. Back-Up applications accepted on puppies on hold.

1. Click open the pink PUPPIES FOR SALE button.

2. Scroll down the long page and hold on to your heart!

3. Click open the PHOTO BUTTON of the BREED you are interested in.

4. Or click open the orange "DEAL of THE DAY" button for adoption & reduced price pets.

5. Then click open the PHOTO BUTTON of the PUPPY you are interested in.

6. Scroll down the long page to see price and select the price option that works best for you below.

7. Submit a Puppy Purchase or Adoption Application to reserve a puppy!

   Applications can be found at the bottom of any puppy page. Every puppy has his/her own page.

   Credit card not required on form - pay at pick up.

8. Reserve a viewing appointment time by clicking  > HERE <

9. Submit a finance application if you would like to pay with our easy payment plan option.

5. Contact us to confirm application was received.

    Select our contract information for cell, address & hours.

You can pay $50.00 a day for everyday that we hold a puppy for you if you cannot come within 4 business hours from the time your application was submitted to pick your puppy up in person because we pass up other opportunities to sell it.

We can only hold a pet for price option 1 through 3.

Contact us the morning of your viewing appointment to see if the puppy has not been sold, if you did not pay to have the puppy held for you.

If the puppy is still available we will hold it until you arrive if you let us know that you are on your way.

Friday & Saturday appointments are normally taken by Thursday.

Very Important!
Confirm Your Application Was Received & Confirm Your Viewing Appointment 
1. You must confirm your application was received by us.
2. You must confirm you are coming to your viewing appointment between 5:00 am to 9:00 am on the day of your visit by calling or texting us at 972-989-5266
For the safety of our puppies, we do not bring all of the puppies everyday because they are not on the same vaccine level.
We wake up at 5:00 AM to start getting puppies bathed and ready for their viewing appointments, and we may have several puppy viewings scheduled the day you come.
It takes 35 to 45 minutes to bathe blow dry and get each puppy ready you want to see during your viewing appointment.

When is Payment Required?

Payment is required at pick up - when you take your puppy home.

Please apply for financing before come if you would like to take advantage of our payment plans.

Look for the Pet Financing/Payment Plan button in the SiteMap Directory for details.

Payment is not required unless you want us to hold the puppy past 4 hours on weekends and 2 hours on weekends.

Contact us if you live longer than 2 to 4 hours, we maybe able to hold the pet for you until the end of the day as long as you contact us the morning of your viewing appointment to confirm you are on your way.

When Can I Take My Puppy Home?

New Take Home Rule Effective Immediately!

You can take your puppy home the day you come to visit if it is 8 weeks or older. All puppies are current on their vaccines for their age and size. It will be your responsibility to have your puppy examined by a licensed veterinarian within 2 days of the time you leave our location to assure your puppy has no known health problems and get a fecal test to insure your puppy is clear of worms and parasites.

Puppies are given de-wormer and preventative medications according to their age and size at our location. However, we feel that you need to hear it from a licensed veterinarian that your puppy is healthy before you become attached regardless of who you purchase it from.

You will also need to have your puppy vaccinated until it has had a full series of recommended vaccines from a licensed veterinarian. Please call to schedule an appointment with your vet before coming or immediately after you receive your puppy. Veterinarian are working limited hours during Corvid-19 and maybe booked several days out. Drop a fresh fecal sample off at the vet you plan to visit so that they can have the results for you during your office visit, especially if they have to send it off to a lab and can not get same day results.

5 Vaccines are required to be covered against these contagious diseases.

1- Bordetella/Kennel Cough Vaccine.

4 -Parvo & Distemper Combo Vaccine

Beware of tricky health guarantees that offer long term genetic & hereditary health guarantees but do not cover contagious diseases.

The number one reason puppies die within the first 10 days of going home is...

Parvo, Distemper, Kennel Cough,

Worm Infestation and internal Parasites such as Giardia & Coccidia if not treated immediately.

These are all contagious, not genetic or hereditary. 

Read your health guarantee regardless of who you buy a puppy from and make sure you will be able to accept the terms of the agreement. Also make sure it has a legal name, address and phone number and breeder license number. Many quick cash breeders offer alias names and list pay as you go numbers on your purchase agreement with no address, leaving you no one to contact in case of an emergency. Take a picture of the license tag and person of anyone you plan to meet and purchase a puppy from if, you meet them at a gas station, restaurant, etc...

(Updated 1-2021)

CDC Guidelines For Our Business

What to expect when I visit?

CDC Guidelines For Our Business allows us Puppy Pick-Up only at this time. If you want to come and look at the puppies and play with them, we cannot accommodate you until the Coronavirus Pandemic is over.

Only one family of 4 is allowed in our building at a time. Appointments are scheduled 3 hours apart if you are more than 15 minutes late we may need to reschedule you because your appointment cannot overlap another persons appointment. We also need time to clean and disinfect before our next viewing appointment.

All visitors will be required to wear a mask and maintain social distancing of 6 to 10 feet.


1. Submit an application for the puppy you want to purchase before coming. You can submit up to 3 applications.

2. Schedule a viewing appointment. Puppy must be picked up within time allowed.

3. Confirm your application was received. (Must enter correct price)

4. Confirm your viewing appointment by 9:00 am the day before visiting.

5. $500 non-refundable deposit hold fee is required to hold a puppy that has not completed our vaccine schedule. Yes, you can come and look at the puppy you are putting a deposit on if it is not a micro tiny teacup or tiny teacup. If you are not on our waiting list, you will need to wait until these puppies have had more vaccines before we expose them to the public. Extra precautions are taken with tiny puppies.


You will not be committed to purchase the puppy you submitted the application for.

We are not going to twist your arm and say that you have to buy the puppy that you submitted an application for when you come. The hold is released the minute you walk out the door. There is no place for a credit card or payment on the puppy purchase or adoption application.