Coupons For Puppies & Pet Supplies
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No exceptions are ever made on these rules - please don't ask.

The most important rules is rule number 1

1. You must enter the coupon code on the application of a specific puppy number before coming and confirm it was received with correct coupon code & amount.

(If you did not submit an application on a specific puppy number before coming you will not receive discount available on coupon. You may want to re-submit your application if you did not enter it on your application the day before coming)

2. We do not accept expired coupons. Sorry no exceptions. If the coupon expires before you pick up your puppy it will not be honored.

3. Submit an application online up to 4 hours before coming for price option 1-5 not unless coupon states it must be entered the day before coming.

4. Coupons cannot be accepted on applications that come in after 10:00 am for same day viewing.

(Select our contact information for hours)

5. Submit an application online the day before coming.

6. Coupons are not allowed on price option 6 not unless an exceptions has been noted on the specific coupon you plan you to use. Price option 6 is a cash only price option - no other form of payment will be accepted.

7. Confirm coupon will still be valid on the day you come to pick up puppy.

8. Pick your puppy up in person before 5:00 pm

9. Pick your puppy up in person before coupon expires, sorry no exception will be made.

10. Pay with cash if coupon is allowed on price option 5 or 6.

11. Not valid on puppies under 10 weeks of age.

12. Pet Supply coupon must be printed and presented in person.

13. Not valid online orders.

14. Not valid on Buy a Collar / Get a Leash for Free.

15. Not valid on designer and designer inspired items.

16. Not valid on custom orders.

17. Not Valid with any other offers or discounts.

18. Limit one coupon per family.

19. Coupon code can be used on up to 3 applications.

20. If accepting a discount or using a coupon causes you pay any less than the starting price with registration, you will not receive registration papers on the puppy you purchase.

We will hold a puppy for you for the time allowed on puppy purchase application page if you note which puppy is your first choice on your application. This is normally 4 to 6 business hours. For details click  >HERE<  You will be required to pay a $50 a day holding fee for everyday we hold a puppy for you, if you need a guarantee that the puppy will be held for you.




+ Free Starter Package + $100 in Free Pet Supplies

You are responsible for paying the tax on pet supplies.

(Excluding Designer Brands)


Valid on any puppy over 3 months of age listed below.