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Application button at the bottom of this page.


  • An application is you putting your name, contact information, and your request to view a puppy down in writing in order for us to keep the opportunity for puppies fair. 

  • No payment is required to submit an application. 

  • An application does not mean you are required to purchase a puppy.

  • In order to adopt/purchase a pet at this price option #6, this application must be submitted the day before your viewing appointment, or sooner.

  • This application will not hold a pet longer than 4 hours. 

  • If you need a pet held longer than 4 hours, you will have to pay to hold the pet at price option #'s 1-4

  • This application is for individuals who have the ability to, and are intent on purchasing a pet right away.

  • Scheduling a Viewing Appointment is NOT the same as Submitting an Application. 

  • Submitting a Financing Application is NOT the same as Submitting an Application.

  • You will be required to confirm your viewing appointment by 9:00 am the day of your puppy viewing by phone or text to Cell: 972-203-0000 or 972-989-526


  • The use of coupons is not allowed with price option #6. Any coupons entered on this application are invalid.


Payment is due in full upon making a decision on which puppy you would like to take home in person.

This application is for Price Option #6, meaning the only payment method allowed is cash. If you would like a final total before you come, please call Karnee at (972) 203-0000


The process normally takes 2 hours. However, it will take longer if you spend more than 30 minutes picking out a puppy. The amount of questions you have and your payment method can also add time to your appointment. We never want to make you feel rushed. Believe it or not, your appointment can take up to 4 hours if you do not apply for financing before you come and decide to apply during your appointment.

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