Adoption Pets listed above found a home through TexasTeacups!

Adoption Pet Information

Why we offer them? Where do they come from? How much? How do I get one?


Start at $1475.00 - $25.00 Offered at a starting price and are reduced until gone. We are not a non-profit organization that receives donations to care for them, therefore our prices may be higher because we cover their expenses such as: Vet Bills, Vaccines, Dewormer, Grooming, Food and pay our employees to care for them.


This is normally price option #4, #5 or #6 It is the only price that is marked down and will be below the starting price. It is available on select puppies that are reduced in price and can be found on any puppy page - anywhere on our web site.

If the price drops to $1475.00 or less if will be offered as an adoption pet with adoption health guarantee.

FREE PETS: Free Pets are offered when a puppy price drops to $25.00 for over 48 hours. Free pet announcements are sent only to our waiting list customers. Must be 18 or older to receive a free pet.

(Adoption application fee will still be required to adopt a free pet to cover vaccines, grooming, vet bills and cost associated with free pets.

Click open price option # 6 to view the adoption application on any puppy page to see the application  fee. It will be based on the payment option you choose.)

  • Pets drop down to the lowest price during non-peak season in August - September.

  • Pre-Adoption pets can also be listed at any price with a deal of the days special price.

FREE PET DRAWING: Free pets are offered as a promotion to bring customers into our pet boutique.  We offer one Free Summer Puppy & 1 to 3 Free Christmas Puppy every year!

Click open the COUPON button from the SiteMap Directory for more information.


Deal of The Day Page - Orange Button in SiteMap Directory.

Adoption Pets are listed at the bottom of the Deal of The Page page. Look past the discounted price pets on that page. If you do not see any, it is because we do not have any available. Adoption puppies & adults go fast! They can be gone the same day they are posted, that is why many people get on our waiting list for them. Puppies available for sale or adoption are taken by the first person to submit an application for it and pick it up within the time allowed on application.

Deal of The Day Page:

This is where we post pets that have been reduced by 25% to 50% OFF of the starting price. Puppies & adults on this page are marked down faster than any other page on our web site, especially when our nursery is full. 

ADULT PETS: Can be found anywhere on our web site in the breed category you are interested in but normally get moved to the Deal of The Day page sooner than young puppies.


Adoption pets are not breed at our location and are offered by us for the same reason shelters and rescue groups offer them. We only take in teacup & toy breeds when people are called to active duty in the military, grandmother was placed in nursing home, could not pay for vet bills or surgery from accident, dog got pregnant from neighborhood dog and need to find a home for puppies from a unplanned pregnancy, etc...

Most people feel more comfortable surrendering a pet to a place that specializes in teacup and toy breeds. Many of them want for their pet to be placed in a home environment that provides a 24 hour / 7 day a week care. It can be very traumatizing for a tiny dog to be left in a cold and lonely cell with no love or attention and have have large dogs barking and traumatizing them. Some of them need high calorie tiny bite food that shelters do not provide.


Our customers are aware when they purchase a puppy from us that they can bring it back to us at any time and we will find a home for it. Therefore in some rare instances our customers may need to bring a puppy back because they could not make their payments, relocating or one of the reasons listed above. 

MEDIUM & LARGE BREEDS: Due to unexpected deaths related to COVID and Natural Disasters such as tornados, hurricanes, floods, etc.. We will post a picture of a free medium or large pet on our facebook page for our customers, neighbors, church members, friends or family. We will only allow medium & large breed pets