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Waiting List Information

We are excited that you are interested in our puppies. We receive several requests for our size guaranteed puppies & lower priced adoption pets. Puppies sell fast from October-May and are harder to find 2 months leading up to any gift giving holiday. Popular breed colors and sizes are becoming harder to find, because pet store brokers will pay breeders top dollar for them.

Below are some options available to help you stay updated on available & upcoming puppies.

HOW THE WAITING LIST WORKS: The Waiting List has been designed to help you find your perfect puppy! By joining the Waiting List it lets us know that you are seriously interested in a specific breed, size, color, or gender. Once the application is complete we will begin breeding the perfect puppy just for you!


Steps To Join:

  1. Click the Waiting List Application Button, review it, and fill it out, according to your needs. 

  2. Print your completed application, sign it, and mail it in to our waiting list department. See address below.​​

  3. Include your non-refundable deposit/application fee via check with your waiting list application. Cash payments can be made in store. For card payments text or email Karnee.

  4. Confirm with Karnee, our Manager at (972) 203-0000 that your application and payment have been received.

Mailing Address: 

Texas Teacups

Waiting List Department

3550 Stonewall Road

Wylie, TX 75098


  • Your deposit goes towards the purchase price of any puppy you choose to purchase from us.

  • We will text, email, and call you when a puppy(ies) you may be interested in become available.

  • In the event of multiple people on the list for the same breed, size, gender, sex, and color, the person who's application and deposit were received first will have first choice, if they choose to pass, the next person on the list will have the option to reserve the puppy or pass, if they pass we will continue down the list.

  • You can pass as many times as you like for one calendar year after you join the waiting list. After one year passes you will be offered one final puppy. If you choose to pass on that puppy your deposit will be forfeit. 



Join Our Call or Text Back List With Smaller Commitment: 

For only $50.00 you can join our call back list and be notified when new puppies are being posted in the breed you are interested in! You can use the $50.00 toward pet supplies if you decide to purchase a puppy from us or request to be removed at any time and use $40.00 of your payment toward pet supplies in our pet boutique. Take a peek at the supplies we offer >HERE<

This is a great option for busy people that don't have time to follow the web site or Facebook. 

Learn more >HERE< 


Ready to Take Home a Puppy Now? Easy Pay Financing is also available! Take home any puppy today for just $49.99! You can be approved within just 5 minutes with a soft credit check.

Details about our Payment Plans >HERE<

NOT READY TO MAKE A PAID COMMITMENT? Follow us on Facebook for FREE! We post Lower Priced, Adoption, & Free Pets in our newsletters and on Facebook, Instagram, and Snapchat! Puppies will be made available to Waiting List Customers first and if they pass they are uploaded to our social profiles to keep our fans informed of the best deals! 


 Make sure you Click “FOLLOW” on Facebook and Social media as well as LIKE for updates! Our primary Facebook page is Teacup and Toy Pets Boutique

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