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We recommend that a puppy go home 7 days after the 4th vaccine. Your puppy will also be de-wormed and given preventive medications during this time for internal parasites that are common to young puppies and this can only be done over a series of time. A puppy cannot be guaranteed against Parvo, Distemper, Kennel Cough if it has not been given the full amount of vaccines to protect the puppy from contracting it. De-Worming and preventative medications are also given over a series of time and can only be guaranteed against them if we have had the opportunity to complete the recommended vaccine & preventative medicine schedule. 

5 Vaccines are required to be covered against these contagious deceases.

1- Bordetella/Kennel Cough Vaccine.

4 -Parvo & Distemper Combo Vaccines

You can choose to take your puppy home before this recommended vaccine & preventative medicine schedule has been completed by us if it is 8 weeks of age. However, the pet will not be health guarantee against parvo, distemper, kennel cough,contagious diseases or parasites.

We do not pay any vet bills associated with contagious diseases or parasites regardless of where it came from. Many breeders as well as ourselves will have you bring the puppy back to them if you have a health problem so that they can have the pet cared for by their veterinarian. Please consider this if you have a long drive to pick-up a puppy.  Licensed Veterinarians are unlike Medical Doctors and have no cap on what they can charge a customer for their services, it is an open market for them. For this reason dog breeders do not pay vet bills.


If you are an experienced pet owner you may feel comfortable taking your puppy home at 8 weeks, however it is not recommended for new puppy owners. 

We do not recommend that you take any puppy home until it has had 5 vaccines regardless of who you buy it from.

Beware of tricky health guarantees that offer long term genetic & hereditary health guarantees but do not cover contagious deceases.

The number one reason puppies die within the first 10 days of going home is...

Parvo, Distemper, Kennel Cough,

Worm Infestation and internal Parasites such as Giardia & Coccidia if not treated immediately.

These are all contagious, not genetic or hereditary. 

Read your health guarantee regardless of who you buy a puppy from and make sure you will be able to accept the terms of the agreement. Also make sure it has a legal name, address and phone number and breeder license number. Many quick cash breeders offer alias names and list pay as you go numbers on your purchase agreement with no address, leaving you no one to contact in case of an emergency. Take a picture of the license tag and person of anyone you plan to meet and purchase a puppy from if, you meet them at a gas station, restaurant, etc...

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