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Understand the Value of a True Teacup Puppy

Micro Tiny Teacup Maltese Puppy Breeder.

As you may know, teacup puppies are very fragile and delicate and require extra care and attention, especially during infancy. And while a teacup puppy can grow to be an independent and healthy dog, even adult teacup dogs weigh less than 5 lbs full grown. This means that teacup mother dogs can only support 1 to 2 puppies per litter and many mothers cannot give birth naturally and must endure a C-Section.

Breeding true teacup puppies requires knowledge and expertise that takes many years to master.

They also cannot be breed on the first heat cycle which means a breeder will need to wait 1 to 2 years to breed the female for the first time. Many of them are not strong enough to nurse from their Mother when born and must be feed by the breeder with a syringe or dropper every two hours for the first two weeks of their like, leaving the breeder very sleep deprived.

Syringe feeding a tiny puppy.jpg

The breeders that breed tiny puppies put a lot of time into them and know their value and do not sell them cheap. That is why you will find prices all over the place on the internet.

Scammers Prices: Super Cute & Very Cheap - To good to be true.

Counterfeit Puppy Sellers: Fairly low priced. Will tell you what you want to hear just to get your money and do not offer any size guarantee.

True Teacup & Toy Licensed Dog Breeders: Know the value of a good quality size guaranteed puppy and price them accordingly.

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