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Reviews for  Teacup and Toy Pets Boutique   also known as Texas Teacups

We are a well-known family owned  business that has worked hard to build a good reputation. Many celebrities and repeat customers refer their family and friends to us because they feel confident in the customer service and pet, they will receive from us.


However we are hated by animal activist and targeted by them by on a regular basis. You will see reviews from them bashing us because we are dog breeders and leaving negative comments trying make people believe that all dog breeders are puppy mills. That is why many dog breeders do not have web site because of the slanderous comments on Google, Bing, Yelp, etc. that they have to deal with from animal activist.


We also deal with false complaints filed by jealous dog breeders when their sales are slow. If they can make other breeders look bad, you will buy their puppies.

Dog breeders can be like used salesmen – they never have anything nice to say about their competitor.


When looking at our ratings on the internet and consider all the years we have been in business and consider that we have also offered pet grooming, boarding and sell a large variety of pet supplies. After taking out the complaints and slander from obvious animal activist, you will see that we have a 98 percent customer satisfaction rate.


I can't tell you that every customer was perfectly happy with their purchase or that every puppy is born perfectly healthy however I, can tell you that we will do all that we can to make things right if we are given the opportunity.



Many people go into restaurants and complain just to get a free meal, and as a business owner it can sometimes be hard to recognize the habitual complainer from an honest complaint. However we treat each one with the utmost respect and go out of way to resolve their problem.


    We don’t take part in Jerry Springer type internet gossip if you want to find true facts about us check out our better business bureau report or Texas Department of Licensing.                                   


If you have a complaint against us:
We ask our customers to file a legitimate complaint with us in writing by certified mail so there is no miscommunication in the company, they did business with and their legal address. It confirm to you that we received it and that it was not lost in the mail.

We have also had people complain and say they purchased a puppy from us and when asked to prove their pet purchase it turns out we were not the person that sold them their puppy. They purchased a puppy from a breeder that had a name similar to ours or used our business name to represent them. The person they made payment to was not us, but someone we have never heard of and someone they cannot even reach.

So, they turn to us because our business name was used by another breeder. There are millions of internet scams posted daily on the internet. You can find most of them on the FBI Internet Fraud Website.

Scammers also try to use our photos or photos that belong to other breeders to scam you with. That is why we do not send pictures to your cell phone or email.

Don't fall for the Facebook and Instagram post that ask people to post a picture of your puppy/dog. Most of them use those pictures to scam people with.

Scammers have tried to copy our web site and make people believe they were buying a puppy from us. Our phone number was slammed in 2016 by scammers that is why we make it mandatory that you pick your puppy up in person if you want to purchase a puppy from us.


Read our " Buyer's Beware " information page on our web site, it will help you to find a reputable breeder.

We offer a very professional detailed purchase agreement and size guarantee. If you purchased a puppy from us there would be no doubt from whom you purchased the pet from.

Customers with a legitimate complaint would have filed it with us or the better business bureau or the Texas Department of Licensing in Austin Texas.

Rip Off Reports & Complainer Web Sites 
Unfortunately because we are a well-known business, complaints filed against us or other well-known dog breeders draw a lot of hits to their web sites. If you read the web sites of people that own them you will see they let you know up front, that they never verify a complaint to see if it is legitimate or verify that the facts stated are true and correct by the complainer. They know people love gossip and are more interested in the traffic driven to their web site. We have tried to reach out to these people and have asked the complainer to contact us and we have yet to hear from this alleged person.

Educate yourself on internet scams and false slanderous complaints post by anonymous people and web sites that just want to draw traffic to their site without taking the time to make sure the person that posted the complaint had a legitimate complaint.

If a person says they own a business on the internet take the time to check it out and make sure your payment is made to the company not an individual saying they represent that company.


Clicking open the links below of well know internet sites will help you to understand just how many internet scammers are out there today.


Link to news station with story on consumer that was ripped off.



Web Site dedicated to helping people that got scammed.  Pet Scams >


Terrific Pets >  ( Seeing the large amount of e-mail addresses they have on-file should help people realize just how many internet scams are out there today )

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