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The Poodle

Breed & Care Information

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The Poodle is a very intelligent breed that is very easy to train and very aware of their surroundings. The Poodle is a curly and colorful dog that has it all, beauty and brains!


The Poodle is available in Tiny Teacup sizes and Toy sizes. The smaller the dog the more fragile they can be. Consider a size that works well with your family.

Coat & Color Options

The Poodle is defined by their beautiful curly locks and bright colors. Available in a large variety of colors white, black, brown, chocolate, apricot, red, and even party-colors, the poodle always has a gorgeous curly coat! Some of the darker colors can be more rare and highly sought after!


The Poodle requires regular grooming. Sticking to a regular grooming schedule for your pet will help making their needs more manageable. Brushing your pets hair every 5 to 10  days will help fight tangles and mats.

The shorter their hair is cut the longer it will last in-between grooms. The shorter their hair is cut the longer it will last in-between grooms.  Ask for a “Puppy Cut” to keep their hair short and manageable.

Bathe your Poodle every week to keep them fresh and clean! The TropiClean Deep Cleaning Shampoo uses raspberry and mango to provide a deep luxurious clean while oatmeal and coconut replenish natural moisture for a coat that’s soft and huggable!

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One health condition to be aware of is Luxating Patella, or dislocating kneecap. Most puppies grow out of this, but a veterinarian can help monitor the condition as the puppy ages. A Luxating Patella may cause arthritis as they age in which surgery may be recommended.


Hypoglycemia is also common in small breed dogs. Hypoglycemia is caused by low-blood sugar and is usually the result of a lack in diet. Hypoglycemia is easily preventable by monitoring their feeding schedule. Small puppies should eat every 4 hours to prevent low-blood sugar. A high calorie supplement such as Nutri-Cal is recommended in tiny puppies. Mix Nutrical in your puppies water bowl to maintain strong blood sugar levels throughout the day.

Diet & Nutrition

It is recommended to monitor your Poodle’s eating habits, especially during puppy stages. Offer your puppy food every 3 to 4 hours to help prevent low blood sugar. They should be eating roughly 2 teaspoons to  ¼ cup  of dog food per day based on activity level and size.

A high-quality, small-bite dry dog food is recommended to maintain their shiny coat, to protect their bones, to keep their teeth clean, to be gentle on their digestive system, and to overall keep them healthy. We recommend Royal Canin dry dog food. A nutritional supplement, such as Nutrical, may also be needed in teacup sized puppies to prevent Hypoglycemia.

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