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MaltiPoo Size Chart & Price List
​Size Chart Below is the Size Definition for Our Puppies

Maltipoo Puppy Prices Vary Based On Size.

The Owner of Texas Teacups, Rebecca Bice, is a State of Texas Licensed Dog Breeder.


We do not breed large or medium sized dogs, we only breed small and tiny dogs. When purchasing a small breed keep in mind, the smaller the puppy, the more expensive they can be. 

New puppies are always listed at a starting price for their breed and size category. 

After they have been officially posted with size and price for 2 to 3 weeks, they are marked down every 2 to 10 days until sold. Puppies may be marked down faster when our nursery is full or when we have a new litter of the same breed born.

Red Tiny Teacup MaltiPoo Puppy Texas

​Average Price Range For Our Puppies 

* Average puppy prices range from $1,875.00 to $6,975.00

* Micro Tiny Teacup, Tiny Teacups, Specialty Colored Pets $8,975.00 and up.

* Puppies from Celebrity Bloodlines are $8,975.00 and up.

We occasionally have small sized pets available for adoption, however, we are not a non-profit organization. Due to this, our adoption pets may be priced higher than government or donation funded animal shelters.

* Adoption Pets start at $1,875.00 and are reduced in price until they find their forever home.

* Free Pets are offered when the price drops to $25.00 for over 48 hours.

(Application fee will still be required to adopt a free pet - click the application button on any pet's page to see the amount of the fee, it is dependent on the payment method used.)

* Prices are the lowest price during non-peak season in July & August.

​Size Chart Below Is The Size Definition For Our Puppies

On your search for a puppy you may have been hearing terms like "Miniature" "Teacup" "Micro", and many more. However, each breeder may have a different definition for each of those terms. Written down below we explain exactly how much each size will weigh as a fully grown mature adult.

If size is important to you, purchase a puppy from a breeder that will give you a written size guarantee. If you don't have any disposable money to gamble with, purchase a puppy from a licensed dog breeder that will allow you to pay for the puppy when you see it in person.

Our size chart will help you decide on the size of puppy that is best for your family, especially if you have young children in the home that could easily drop or step on a tiny puppy.

MaltiPoo Size Chart 2024
Starting Price is Listed for the MaltiPoo Sizes We Offer
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Due to the amount of dedicated time and attention that goes into breeding the Micro Tiny Teacups & Mini Micro Tiny Teacups, those two sizes are available only to waiting list customers

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