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Family Owned Licensed Dog Breeder # 364

Written Size Guaranteed Puppies, Shown by Appointment Only Pay Only @ Pick-Up

We specialize in Toy, Tiny Toy, Teacup, Micro Tiny Teacup Puppies

Puppies $600.00 & Up


Cell 972-989-5266 / 972-203-0000 Local to all of DFW, Texas!

Located between Collin County & Dallas County.

We do not bring puppies every day, only the ones you request for your viewing appointment.
Schedule a visit so we can show you puppies by breed, size, sex, or your price limit.
Click open schedule a visit in Sitemap Directory for available appointments.

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Teacup & Toy Puppies for Sale
Boutique Pet Supplies Available online soon!

Take a Look Inside the Pet Boutique by clicking open photo below.

Teacup & Toy Pets Boutique Plano Texas (
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Our Web Site Is Also Information & Resources Center

Teacup & Toy Puppy Buying Tips that will help you understand why you can't find a cheap teacup puppy and what kind of questions you can ask a breeder if size is important to you as well as how to recognize the following...

Puppy money scammers that take pictures off of Pintrest and other web sites to scam you with.

Breeders with a tricky health guarantee.

Counterfeit teacup dog seller.

Mom & Pop cover up for a puppy mill.

Why it is hard to find a home based breeder.

Why breeders are now selling their puppies to pet shops.

Dog and Cat breeders are regulated by the

Texas Department of Licensing and Regulations

P.O.Box 12157, Austin Texas


Find the answer to virtually any question you have about us and our puppies + coupons + discounted price pets in our cell phone friendly SiteMap Directory

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