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Updated Photo & Video Services

All of our pets are on our picture retake list. However, we are working short handed right now and the pet you are interested in may be sold before new pictures are taken. We have several new puppies that desperately need to have their picture taken first before we can get to retakes.

If you are in a hurry we can call a photographer in and have them take updated photos and videos of the puppy you are interested in and it will be done within the next  7 to 10 days.


Due to the massive amount of puppy scams we do not send puppy pictures or videos by text or email. We do not Facetime or take pictures on our phone to send you, because they have to be copyright protected. Facetime videos can be frozen, recorded and reposted. Please don't ask. Sorry for the inconvenience. 

We will upload updated pictures to the photo gallery on their page if the pet in question is not sold before we have had a chance to update them. If you notice that their picture does not get updated, it will be because we have decided to keep it back as a breeder. 

Paying the photo/video fee does not mean that the pet will be held for you while you are waiting for pictures or waiting to decide on the pet. However, you can pay a daily hold fee to have the pet held for you.

We will refund you the photo/video fee if the pet in question is sold before we get a chance to take pictures for you. The photo/video fees will not be refunded after photos/videos are taken regardless of when you open or view the updated photo/videos.


Please keep in mind that puppies are sold or adopted to the first person to submit an application and pick up the puppy within the time allowed.


Send us an email with the Breed & Pet ID Number of the pet you are requesting a photo gallery of along with you your first & last name and cell phone number.

>Click here for email address<

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