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Just beginning your search for a puppy?

Educate yourself on the various types of in-person and internet pet scams.

Money scams are just a tip of the iceberg. We have seen many people end up with a collection of dogs trying to get a true teacup or toy size dog. Or spend an outrageous amount of money in vet bills on a puppy that died a few days later. The price of puppies has tripled over the last 5 years and their is a major shortage of puppies nation wide due to COVID. Please click open the top 10 scams on the internet below to educate yourself on buying a puppy.

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Federal Trade Commission Video
on Money & Puppy Scams


Fake Photo Shop Pictures & Videos 

Pictures have solid black eyes that were inserted to match the shrunken image.

Do a Google search on the image and you will see it is posted at several other website sites or pintrest.

Puppy Scam Signs (2).jpg


Click open pet scammers list to see a list of pet scammers & fake web sites.

Also what types of questions you can ask a seller in order to recognize a counterfeit teacup dog seller or pet scammer.

Counterfeit teacup & toy dog sellers offer puppies that will grow 3 times the size you wanted and may not be the breed you you thought you were buying.

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