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Free Christmas Puppy Starter Package

FREE CHRISTMAS PUPPY STARTER PACKAGE! When you submit an application on a specific puppy the day before you come.

Submitting an application before you come helps us to know what puppies to bring and bathe for your viewing appointment as well as have your purchase agreement and health records printed out and ready when you come.

It normally takes our customers an hour or more to decide on a puppy and an additional hour to explain care instructions. By submitting an application it can speed up the purchase process if you will be in a hurry when you come.

If you are submitting more than one application please put the words First Choice or Second Choice or Second Choice next to the puppy number. First choice puppy will be the only puppy held for you for time allowed.

We start grooming puppies for their viewing at 6:00 am and it takes 35 to 45 minutes to bathe, blow dry and brush out every puppy that you want to see that is why we have a limit of 3 puppies per viewing. However we may have other puppies for you to see left from other viewing appointments.

Click show more and open photos below to view all items in the starter package.

Click open Show More photos to view all items in starter package.

Items listed above are subject to change according to availability.

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