The Daisy

# 3 Top Designer Hypoallergenic Breed!

MaltiPoo/ ShihTzu (Maltese/Poodle/ShihTzu)

Breed & Care Information

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The Daisy is a new breed that is growing in popularity! The Daisy is a Shih-Tzu and Malti-Poo mix with fun and sweet personalities. They combine all the traits of a friendly Shih-Tzu, a smart Poodle, and a cuddle-bunny Maltese to make the perfect companion pet!


The Daisy is short in stature but hardy in build. Their body type is heavier due to more solid muscle mass, but their short, cobby little legs make them a sturdy small breed dog. The Shih Tzu breed is available in Tiny Teacup and Toy sizes ranges from 3 lbs to 10 lbs.

Coat & Color Options

The Daisy is available in solid and party colors with many different color options. Their eyes are non as wide apart as the Shih-Tzu and their legs are non at as tall as the poodle. They are hypoallergenic and non-shedding and their little faces look like little teddy bears!