"Yorkie" Puppies - Yorkshire Terrier

Specializing in Babydoll Face Yorkie Puppies

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Written Health Guarantee & Puppy Care Instructions available on all puppies for sale or adoption.

Written Size Guarantee on Micro Tiny Teacup, Tiny Teacup, Teacup, and Tiny Toy Puppies that are available for sale. 

All puppies have started crate training, older puppies maybe more advanced than others.

Free Puppy Starter Package when you submit an application for a specific puppy before coming.

We specializes in adorable Babydoll Face Yorkie Puppies!

1. Scroll down this long page

2. Click open any Photo Button below.

3. Then look under puppy picture for size, sex and a variety of price options.

 "Yorkie" Puppies over $5,000 listed below

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Yorkie Cross Breeds 

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Yorkie Breed Information

The Yorkie is a fun and spunky little pet that loves to play! 


Yorkie Size Chart & Price List

All Yorkies have a starting price that is based on size.

Keep in mind, the smaller the puppy, the more expensive they can be.

The below Size and Price chart is provided for reference for the Yorkie Breed. 

New puppies are listed at a starting price for their breed and size category. Click open SitMap Directory to understand how to purchase a puppy at a discounted price.

The cutest ones go the fastest!

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