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1. Scroll down this very long page.

2. Click open any Photo Button below. Photos are clickable buttons.

3. Then look under puppy picture for size, sex and a variety of price options.

4. Every puppy has his/her own page with Price, Sex & Size.

5. Price option 5 & 6 is the lowest price option available for any puppy.

(Cell Phone Users: You may not be able to view all of the puppies & discounted price at the bottom of every page, pages will be very long)

Small Toy Pomeranians - SOLD OUT! 
This is the lowest priced size that we offer

Tiny Toy Pomeranian 


All puppies on this page are available for sale, not unless they are marked sold or an application comes in 5 minutes ahead of yours.

Puppies priced under $2500 can be sold within hours of the time they are posted.

Teacup Pomeranians 


Tiny Teacup Pomeranians 


Micro Tiny Teacup Pomeranians - SOLD OUT!

Adult Pomeranian & Colors

Pomeranian Puppy For Sale Party Colored.

SOLD Pomeranian Photo Gallery

 Click open to view our teddy bear face Poms

Pomeranian Puppy # 642
Pomeranian Puppy # 642

SOLD Pomeranian Puppy # 642

Pomeranian Puppy 732
Pomeranian Puppy 732

SOLD Pomeranian Puppy 732

Pomeranian Puppy 734
Pomeranian Puppy 734

SOLD Pomeranian Puppy 734

Pomeranian Puppy # 642
Pomeranian Puppy # 642

SOLD Pomeranian Puppy # 642


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  • View our Page and Learn More about the Puppies available.

  • Once you find a puppy you are interested in, you MUST submit a Puppy Purchase Application to Reserve your Puppy. 

  • Local Customers will be asked to schedule an appointment to visit our location and get to know their puppy. Appointments available Mon - Sat 10A - 5P. After Hours and Sunday Appointments available at an additional charge.

  • Shipping Customers will be asked to submit a Bank Transfer to reserve their puppy. The puppy will ship on the first Wednesday or Thursday AFTER the Bank Transfer clears. Weekend shipping available at an additional charge. 


  • If there is NO application submitted you will be quoted the Starting Price for your Puppy

  • Puppy will be placed on hold to the first person to submit a Purchase Application

  • Submitting a Viewing Appointment is NOT the same as Submitting a Purchase Application. 

  • We do NOT hold pets at Discounted Price - Customers willing to pay the Starting Price for a Puppy are able to place a Puppy on Hold. 

Pomeranian Breed Information

Size Chart & Price List

Pomeranian puppies available for sale vary based on size.

Pomeranian puppies available for Adoption re reduced in price until gone!

Keep in mind, the smaller the puppy, the more expensive the puppy can be.

The below size and price chart is provided for reference for the Pomeranian breed. 

New puppies are always listed at a starting price for their breed and size category. After puppies have been officially posted with size and price for 2 to 3  weeks, they are marked down every 2 to 10 days until sold.

The cutest ones go the fastest!

SOLD Pomeranians