We may be biased, but we think we have the cutest puppies on the internet! But other than our dogs being cute, there are a many more reasons to buy from our Pet Boutique! We have been specializing in Teacup & Toy puppies for over 20 years! That means we know a thing or two about small puppies. We are a Licensed Breeder in the state of Texas and all of our puppies receive the highest level of care.

Every puppy purchased from us receives all the perks of buying from a True Pet Boutique.

Reasons to Buy from Teacup & Toy Pets Boutique:

  • Written Health Guarantee 
  • Written Size Guarantee
  • Free Puppy Starter Package 
  • Free Veterinarian Visit
  • 30-Days Free Pet Insurance
  • Spa Bath Discounts at our Pet Boutique
  • Free Birthday Bows & Birthday Treats at our Pet Boutique
  • Discounts on Grooming & Food Products at our Pet Boutique
  • ​Discounts on Pet Supplies in our Pet Boutique
  • NEW! Doggy Daycare & Puppy Training Class Partnership! Ask us about Doggy Daycare!

About Us 

More than a Pet Store, we are a Pet Boutique.

At Teacup & Toy Pets, the health of our puppies is our number one priority. As a Licensed Breeder we are able to administer all shots, dewormers, and preventative medicines to ensure that your puppy is raised happy and healthy. And with over 20 years of experience, we have the specialized knowledge to care for even the tiniest puppy! Every puppy purchased from Teacup & Toy Pet Boutique receives a Written Health Guarantee to provide you with the confidence and assurance that your new puppy is healthy! We also provide detailed care instructions on feeding, bathing, grooming, and regular care to ensure that you are equipped to care and raise your new puppy! And we are always here to support you during their growth! Read more about our Health Guarantee here.

Owner & Licensed Breeder Rebecca, specializes in teacup & toy sized puppies. Small puppies are more fragile than regular-sized dogs and require a higher level of care during infancy. With over 20 years of experience, we have the specialized knowledge to ensure that your puppy has received the best care since birth. Unfortunately, not many Pet Shop's specialize in small breed dogs and cannot confidently say they are knowledgeable and experienced in the care of small puppies. When you buy from Teacup & Toy Pets Boutique, you can be confident that your new puppy is a happy and healthy puppy. Always buy from a Licensed & Reputable Breeder! Read more about our buying tips on avoid pet scams here.

Written Health Guarantee 

Extra Pet Boutique Perks

Why choose us?

Free Puppy Starter Package

A Small-Dog Lover's Paradise

Specializing in Teacup & Toy Puppies

Teacup & Toy Pets Boutique is a small, family-owned & operated faith-based business in the heart of Dallas, Texas. We started our business when we went to purchase our first teacup puppy and had a very poor experience with a breeder that did not know how to educate or support her customers. We purchased a tiny Chihuahua that quickly developed Hypoglycemia and the breeder immediately dropped all contact. After much research, we discovered that many breeders were not educating their customers on how to take care of their puppy once they take it home. We believe that the puppy buying experience does not stop once the puppy leaves our store. We are here to support new teacup & toy puppy owners as they choose which puppy is right for them, as they take their new pet home, as they take it to the vet for the first time, and every step after that. We even give free birthday treats at our pet boutique every time your puppy celebrates a birthday! 

( This business is owned & operated by the grace of God)
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Have you been to a Pet Store lately?

We know, a new puppy is an investment, especially if you are a first-time pet owner. Your new puppy needs food, training pads, shampoo, a food and water bowl, and to start seeing a Veterinarian! But don't worry, we have that covered! Every puppy purchased from Teacup & Toy Pets receives a Free Puppy Starter Package that includes the kind of dog food the puppy is already accustomed to eating, a food & water bowl, puppy training pads, treats, toys, and more! We even throw in some cute bows to accessorize your new puppy! And a coupon for a Free Vet Visit is also included so you can get your new puppy checked out ASAP! You can also upgrade to our Premium Starter Package to include a Crate to start house training your puppy. Ready about How to Crate Train Your Puppy Here. 

In case you need to see the difference, visit your local pet store and take a look around. And then come visit us! We will change your puppy buying experience. All of our puppies are not only cuter, but much happier. Schedule a visit today!

All the Perk of Buying from a True Pet Boutique

We have been in business for over 20 years and are lucky to have built some very strong connections with many other pet companies over the years and have partnered with a few to offer you some true Perks to buying a Puppy from the Pet Boutique.

We know that buying for a small breed dogs can be tough. Many large-chain Pet Stores like PetSmart & Hollywood Feed do not offer items made for small dogs so we created a Small Pet Lovers Paradise just for small dogs!

Teacup & Toy Pet Boutique is located inside of Willow Bend Mall and offers unique and custom-made items to fit even the tiniest puppies!

And as a customer that has purchased a puppy from us you will receive some extra Benefits to Buying from a Pet Boutique:

  • $20 Spa Bath that includes bathing, brushing, blow-dry, ear cleaning, and paw treatment! (Bring your puppy in for a quick bath while you shop at the mall!)
  • Free Seasonal Bows to keep them stylish year around! (birthday bows, seasonal bows, and holiday bows for free!)
  • Free Treats in the Store!
  • $5 Off Dog Food
  • $3 OFF Pet Shampoo
  • $2 Off Nutrical
  • Buy a Collar & Get a Leash 1/2 OFF!
  • And More!!! We are always coming up with new ways to spoil our favorite puppies!
  • NEW! Doggy Day Care service partnership now available!!