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4. Every puppy has his/her own page with Price, Sex & Size.

5. Price option 5 & 6 is the lowest price option available for any puppy.

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Written Health Guarantee & Puppy Care Instructions available on all puppies for sale or adoption.

Written Size Guarantee on Micro Tiny Teacup, Tiny Teacup, Teacup, and Tiny Toy Puppies that are available for sale. 

All puppies have started crate training, older puppies maybe more advanced than others.

Free Puppy Starter Package when you submit an application for a specific puppy before coming.

MalShi Puppies for Sale

Looking for a unique puppy to add to your home? Look no more! Teacup & Toy Pets Boutique specializes in adorable Babydoll Face Daisy Puppies! The Daisy is a Maltese, Poodle and ShihTzu mix that combines the sweet carefree personality and beautiful parti colors of the ShihTzu, the intelligence and trainabilty of the Poodle, and the beautiful silky soft coat of a Maltese. ShihTzu's are the top rated family pet in the USA and are known to hold their color better than the poodle. If you have had a dark MaltiPoo in the past that the color faded in time then you love the rich dark colors of a the Daisy dog.

All puppies have started crate training older puppies maybe more advanced than others, and are available with a Health Guarantee, written Size Guarantee, and a cute puppy guarantee you can't find anywhere else! 

MalShi Breed Information Size Chart & Price List

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