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Good luck in your search for a new puppy! 

Puppy Health Guarantee

Serious Health Concerns

Because small breed dogs are so fragile, there are a few virus' that they can contract that are almost always deadly. Parvovirus and Distemper are the two most serious and most deadly virus' a puppy can contract. Unfortunately, they are both highly contagious and both very tough to cure. If your puppy is diagnosed with either of these virus' it is very unlikely that your puppy will survive. Review your breeders Parvo & Distemper policy before picking up the puppy. New puppies should be taken to a Licensed Veterinarian and tested for Parvo & Distemper within 48 hours of pick-up! 

How to Prevent Parvovirus & Distemper:

Vaccines: There is a series of 3 vaccines necessary to protect your puppy from Parvovirus & Distemper. The vaccines inject your puppy with a very small strain of the virus and help your puppy build the antibodies needed to fight these virus in case they ever come into contact with them. Before you purchase your pet, review your puppy's shot records to ensure they have been started on their vaccines. Small breed puppies should receive a minimum of 3 vaccines before they are transferred to a new home.

Isolate Your Puppy: If a puppy is taken home before it has received 3 vaccines, keep the puppy isolated, away from other animals, and do not take it to any public parks or pet stores where other animals have been. The virus is highly contagious and requires veterinary grade chemicals to kill the virus. If another pet that has been sick with Parvovirus visited a public park or pet store it could have left germs behind that contain the virus. Remember, your new puppy has a very weak immune system and can easily contract the virus from any germs or bacteria left behind from a sick puppy. When you take your new puppy to the vet, hold them in your arms and not allow them to walk on the floor where other dogs have been. If you are traveling with your pet do not stop at any public rest stops where you know lots of other animals have been. Do not take your puppy to any public parks or pet stores until AFTER it has been fully vaccinated. 

We work hard to ensure that all of our puppies are healthy and can confidently say that we have taken every preventative measure and done everything in our power to ensure every single pet has been given the best quality of life while in our care. Every pet purchased from our facility receives a Written Health Guarantee to provide the confidence and assurance that the puppy chosen has been provided the highest quality of care while with us. Every health concern mentioned above is addressed in detail in our Health Guarantee and every puppy purchased from our Pet Boutique receives a Written Health Guarantee. View Puppies Available for Sale Now Here!

However, we understand that we may not always have the puppy that you are looking for at the time that you are looking to buy. For this reason, we have designed this page to provide guidance in your search for a new puppy. Do NOT buy from a Puppy Mill or a Backyard Breeder. Do NOT ever send Money via Western Union and do NOT ever send money to someone BEFORE you have seen the puppy. Do your research. Educate yourself on your new pet. This puppy will spend many years with you, will trust you, and love you like no other person in the world could ever love you. Love them back. Find a reputable breeder you can trust. Ask good questions. And let us know if we can support you. Click Here for more BUYING TIPS when Avoiding Scam Puppy Breeders. 

Preventative Care: The best way to keep your puppy free from illness is to keep them bathed and clean.  Bacteria can live on their paws and deep in their fur & coat without showing any signs.  If there is bacteria on your pet's paws and they step in their water bowl and drink the water it is now contaminated and could cause illness. Keep your puppy clean! We recommend giving new puppies a bath every week. Puppy wipes can also be used to clean your puppy's paws in-between baths. Always ask your breeder what preventative care and vaccines they have received before you take a new puppy home. 

Puppies are more vulnerable to disease, parasites, and worms than an adult dog may be because they are still building their immune system to protect them from contagious illness. Listed below are what we consider to be minor health concerns because they are treatable. Often, your veterinarian will prescribe you a medicine to help your pet flush any parasite or bacteria out of their system. Do not be alarmed if you pet is diagnosed with one of these minor health concerns, they should be fine in only 7 - 10 days! Have your pet retested to confirm. 

Our Health Guarantee

​A Health Guarantee is a written & signed document provided by reputable breeders as protection and reassurance to the buyer regarding the health and wellness of the puppy. The Health Guarantee is written proof that your puppy has been provided the care it needs to promote strong health and to list what illness is covered in case your puppy does become sick. 

No matter where you buy your puppy, always ask for a Written Health Guarantee to protect you and your puppy. Always buy from a Licensed & Reputable Breeder that will provide you with Shot Records and a Written Health Guarantee that will protect your pet from parasites, worms, and virus.

A sick puppy can be one of the most expensive vet bills you ever endure. When talking with your breeder, ask good questions. Is the puppy eating dry dog food okay? Has there been any signs of vomiting or diarrhea? How many shots has my puppy received? Has the pet received de-wormer, preventative medicine, or vitamins to promote its health? 

Educate yourself before buying a puppy to ensure you are able to pick the cutest & healthiest puppy!!

Minor Health Concerns to Be Aware of in Small Breed Dogs

What is a Health Guarantee?

Introducing a New Puppy into your home is a big decision, and you want to get it right. Since puppies are so young when they find a new home (sometimes only just 8 weeks old), they are still growing and developing and need extra care and attention. Puppies need time to develop a strong immune system and vaccines to protect them from virus and parasite. To keep you informed, below are a list of health concerns to be aware of in small breed animals. Keep in mind, the younger the puppy, the more fragile they will be. We strongly encourage new puppy owners to isolate their new puppy and keep them from other animals and avoid public areas until they are fully vaccinated and ready to take on the world!

We believe that the health and happiness of every animal is our God given responsibility and strive to ensure that all of our animals live happy and healthy lives. Every puppy purchased from us receives a Written Health Guarantee to provide you with the assurance that the new pet you are welcoming into your home has not only been properly cared for, but maybe even a little spoiled. Every dog in our care receives the highest quality nutrition, clean and fresh water, playtime outside with other dogs, vaccines & preventative medicine, and even the occasional treat (for good behavior, of course). View puppies available for sale now here.

Health Concerns to Be Aware of in Small Breed Dogs

COCCIDIA & GIARDIA: Coccidia is a parasite known to all puppies. Coccidia can only be found under a microscope through a fecal exam and can be treated with minor medication if detected early. Puppies can contract Giardia by drinking contaminated water. Garidia can only be found under a microscope through a fecal exam and can also be treated with minor medication if detected early.

WORMS: All puppies should receive preventative dewormer to help flush any worms and their eggs out of their system. Worms can be detected in a fecal exam and can be treated with minor medication. 

MANGE MITES: Mange mites are less common, but still treatable through prescription shampoo or medication. All
puppies should receive baths and grooming every 5-7 days to prevent mange mites.

Kennel Cough: Kennel Cough is essentially the common cold in dogs. Puppies will display cold like symptoms like a runny nose or light coughing. Kennel Cough vaccine is highly contagious in all dogs, but may take puppies longer to overcome due to their underdeveloped immune system. An antibiotic is normally all that is required to help them fight a cold. Ask your Breeder for proof of Kennel Cough vaccine before picking up your new puppy.

While many things may be important to you (size, breed, personality, etc), nothing is an important than the health of your new pet. Healthy puppies are happy puppies, and a happy puppy will become your best friend for many years to come.