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Dominating Breed: Maltipoo

Pet ID Number: MP 61

Sex: Female

Color: White

Date of Birth: 03/14/2018

Size: Toy

Current Weight: 7.3lbs  Date Weighed: 8/1/2020

Vaccines: This puppy is current on vaccines.

Personality Comments: Moderate carefree personality. 

Potty Training: Advanced in Training. Prefers to go outside to potty.

(All pets have started crate training, puppies over 4 months of age maybe more advanced than others )

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This puppy is current on vaccines and will have completed our recommended vaccine schedule against Parvo, Distemper & Kennel Cough 7 days after it has completed all of these vaccines:

4 Parvo & Distemper Vaccines & 1- Kennel Cough/Bordetella Vaccine on 06/20/2019.

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This Pet will be placed on a 2 to 4 hour Hold or SOLD to the first person to submit an application for it. Payment is not required on application. Pay at pick-up when you pick your puppy up in person.

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