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Pet Shipping

Personal Pet Transport Is Available Only For

Price Option 1 through 3

For Previous Customers & Waiting List Customers Only During 2022/2023

Please note that you can fly in and pick your puppy up in person for a a lot less than any pet transport service.

(Average price for around airline trip ticket if booked in advance on a weekday can range from $300 to $1500)

You can also locate your own pet transport service to pick the puppy up from our location and deliver it to you by donga Google search for pet transport.

Personal Pet Transport Service Starts @ $1875.00

anywhere in the United States.

Price will depend on location.


We will only offer pet transport shipping to Previous Customers & waiting List Customers that have purchased a puppy from us in the past at this time. It will be through a pet nanny courier service and they can deliver a puppy into your hands from our location in Wylie at the edge of Dallas, Texas. 

Weekday airfare rates are normally less than weekend rates. We are very close to DFW Airport & Love Field Airport in Dallas, Texas and can have my helper meet you at the airport with your new puppy!
I was ran over by a truck and it broke my back in two places and cannot do pet shipping at this time. It maybe a year or more before I take that load on again. 
These are the fees for personal pet transport service in the United States for the pet nanny if we can provide that service for you.
Personal Pet Delivery within 200 Miles starts at $875.00
Personal Pet Delivery within 300 Miles starts at $1500.00
Personal Pet Delivery over 300 Miles starts at $1875.00

Overseas  personal pet transport service starts at $4500.00 and overseas shipping is subject to owner approval.

Additional fees listed below maybe required when flying a puppy.
Pet Carrier for transporting.
Health Certificate
Rabies Vaccine

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