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PUPPY NUMBER # YorkiePoo 2473
Sold to Jennifer's F.
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  Personality Comments: Super sweet
BREED: YorkiePoo SEX: Female
SIZE: Teacup  COLOR: Black & Tan
DATE OF BIRTH: 10/1/11 Coat Type: Soft & Wavy
PET STATUS: Designer Breed Celebrity Pet Bloodline:  No
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Comments: Lifetime pet replacement is available on all puppies we have available for sale.
This puppy has been pre-trained at our location, please select the training page on left
to understand the type of training this puppy has received at our location.

( See heart below for size definition if price is reduced )
We have teemed together with many pet suppliers to make your puppy purchase as pleasant as possible.
You will receive a large puppy starter package with your puppy purchase or adoption along with additional perks and bonuses that keep coming in the mail from our pet sponsors up to a month after your puppy settles in his/her new home.
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Our Lifetime Pet Replacement is available on all available puppies.
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Registered Starting Price: $3,875.00
With Lifetime Pet Replacement
Discounted Price: $3,775.00
With Standard Purchase Agreement

This price may also offered to walk in-customers that did not submit an application online.
Adoption Price: $Not Available At This Time$
With Limited Health Guarantee

Adoption price will be offered only if this
puppy's price is reduced to $675.00 or less.
(This option is not available on all puppies)

The lowest adoption price a puppy can be shipped for is $475.00
Includes Lifetime Pet Replacement.
& Size Guarantee
Includes 30 Day Standard Purchase Agreement & Size Guarantee Includes 5 Day Limited Health Guarantee.
No Size Guarantee.
It offers a lifetime replacement of your pet if death is due to any type of health problem.

1. Congenital Health
2. Contagious Disease's
3. Genetic Health
4. Non Genetic Health Problems
5. Accidental Death
It offers a 30 day replacement of your
pet for any of the following health problems.

1. Congenital Health
2. Contagious Disease's
3. Genetic Health
4. Non Genetic Health Problems

It offers a replacement of your pet for any
of the following health problems.

1. Congenital Health
2. Contagious Disease's
3. Genetic Health
4. Non Genetic Health Problems
The starting price is offered to customers that want lifetime pet replacement or did not submit an application online. MAKE A REASONABLE CASH OFFER

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To make a reasonable offer.

Look for coupons in the SiteMap/Directory and save on puppy your purchase!
We are the only known adoption pet service that specializes in teacup & toy breeds.

Request to purchase or adopt this puppy by submitting an application below and we will hold it for you at the lowest price listed below at no charge and give you a chance to come and see it in person or make payment if shipping is needed.
Hold time allowed is listed below.
Monday - Thursday: 4 business hours from the time you submit your application.
Friday & Saturday: 2 business hours
( Business hours defined: Select our contact information to see our hours of operation)

Click the "Application" button to submit a lifetime pet application. Click the "Application" button to submit a discount pet application.

Click the "Application" button to submit a adoption application.
Puppy Purchase Application
Puppy Purchase Application
Adoption Pet Application
Starting Price: $3,875.00 Our Lowest Discounted Internet Price
Discounted 12-1:

Discounted 12-2: $3,700.00
Discounted 12-3:$3,675.00
Discounted 12-5: $3,600.00
Discounted 12-8: $3,575.00
Discounted 12-9: $3,500.00
Discounted 12-10: $3.475.00
Discounted 12-11: $3.375.00
Discounted 12-12: $3.275.00
Discounted 12-14: $3,200.00
Discounted 12-16: $3.175.00

Lowest Discounted Internet
Adoption Price
?-?: $


 Our lowest discounted price listed, is only for customers that can submit application online.
Walk in & phone customers will be quoted the starting price. Sorry no exceptions.

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Click open any applications to see required information and fees associated with adopting a puppy. 

 Request to purchase or adopt this puppy by submitting an application and we will hold it for you at the lowest discounted price for 2 business hours giving you a chance to come and see it in person or make payment if shipping is needed.
Important! Call during business hours to confirm we have received your application immediately after you submit it.

You may pay or come at a later time after submitting your application, however the pet will not be held for you and can be sold to another applicant, not unless you pre-pay for pet, because we pass up other opportunities to sell the pet.
Shipping Customers: Once payment is made your pet will be shipped on our next shipping day.
Local Customers: If you come later in the day/week after submitting your application, call before coming and we will hold it @ no charge until you arrive if the pet is still available.

Expired coupons and discounted daily special price will not be honored if you choose to come after it has expired.


Application must include price: The reason you must add the price to your application is because we need to confirm the price you listed on your application is correct and if our internet is down or the price changes when you call or come in, the lowest price we can accept is the first discounted price at the top of this page.
Submitting an application basically commits us to hold the puppy for you at the lowest discounted price.

Click open >SiteMap-Directory< at the top of any page on our web site, to understand our puppy sizes, prices and payment plans.
It will also help you find the answer to virtually any questions you may have.

Contact us with your name and the puppy number in the subject line, if you are having problems submitting an application, have a questions about this puppy or would like to make a cash offer or bank transfer offer to Bank Of America for customers that will need shipping.
For a faster response, please include the puppy number along with your name in the subject line and your phone number in the e-mail message.

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Bring the family and friends to see the cutest tiny teacup & toy puppies in Texas.
Spend as much time as you need to ask questions and get to know the personality of the puppy you plan to spend the next 15 years with, in our large clean puppy playrooms. Your welcome to come and spend the day or visit often until you find the perfect puppy for your family. Our puppy playrooms have fun puppy toys, floor mats and are kid friendly.

 Information on puppies size if price is reduced
If this puppy was originally listed as a tiny teacup and the price drops to the our teacup starting price this puppy will be sold as a Teacup.
If the puppy price drops below the Teacup starting price this puppy will be sold as a Toy.
This does not mean the puppy size has changed, it basically means the puppy size guarantee will be listed to match the size chart & price list for this breed.
Select " Breeds We Specialize In " to view our size chart & price list for each breed it will help you understand how we determine the size & price of the puppies we sell.