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Tiny Teacup and Toy Morkie Puppies

Morkie Size Chart and Price List

Average price for our available puppies is: $675.00 $3,500.00
Adoption Pets when available range from $50.00 to $675.00
and are occasionally list for free.

Looking for a lower priced puppy?
Puppies are reduced by $25.00 to $100.00 every 2 to 10 days until sold for customers that are looking for a lower priced pet. 
 Read our
new puppy price options page and look for discount coupons offered on our web site.

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Morkie Size Chart and Price List For Our Puppies

Due to the drop in the economy we are starting to hear many complaints from people that purchased teacup puppies with no written size guarantee from cheap dog breeders that became 3 or 4 times their expected size.
Many breeders have teacups puppies that can get up to 15 pounds full grown, seeing our size chart helps you to understand what size our puppies will be full grown as an adult with our written size guarantee. Click open the SiteMap/Directory and read " Low Priced Teacup " to help you understand how to purchase a true teacup dog.

New Reduced Prices For 2011
MORKIE COLORS: Black & Gold, Black & Blue, Silver, Red, White.



Includes Lifetime Pet Replacement

Includes Lifetime Pet Replacement

Discount Price Includes
Health Guarantee


Small Toy

6 lbs and up

Parents are 5 to 6 pounds

$1,875.00 & Up

Starting Price $2,875.00

Starts @ $1,400.00 and can be reduced as low as $675.00

15 years

Tiny Toy

4.10 to 6.10 pounds
Parents are 4 to 6 pounds

$2,875.00 & Up

Starting Price $3,875.00

Starts @ $4,400.00 and can be reduced as low as $675.00

14 years


3.9 lbs to 4.10 pounds
Parents are 3 to 4 pounds

$3,875.00 & Up

Starting Price $4,875.00

Starts @ $3,400.00 and can be reduced as low as $675.00

12 years

Tiny Teacup

2.12 lbs to 3.8 lbs pounds
Parents are 2 to 3 pounds

$4,875.00 & Up

Starting Price $6,800.00

Starts @ $4,800.00 and can be reduced as low as $675.00

12 years

Micro Tiny Teacups
Any size
Red Morkies
1 lbs o 2.10 pounds

Parents are 1 to 3 pounds

& Up to $50.000
Starting price will depend on sex & color

$14,875 to $25.000 & up
Starting price will depend on sex & color

Starts @ $12,000.00 and can be reduced as low as $675.00 8 to10 years
Specialty Pets: $10,000 and up
Specialty Pets, may be puppies that have made special appearances on television or have been featured on T.V. Shows, Commercials, Movies or have a rare unique color.

When you purchase one of our puppies at the “new starting price” you will receive a lifetime health guarantee and money back size guarantee. Lifetime Pet Replacement offers a replacement of your pet if death is due accidental death, genetic health problems and non-genetic health problems.

Puppy Prices Reduced Up To $100.00 Every 2 to 10 Days!
Puppies are available at a discounted price after puppy pictures has been officially posted for 5 or more days, occasionally sooner when we need to make room in our nursery for new puppies.
If the puppy's price is reduced to $675.00 or less it will be offered as an adoption pet with a limited health guarantee.
If the puppy price drop below $25.00 it will be available for free to the first person to submit an application for it.

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