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MaltiPoo Coat Texture And Grooming Care
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Maltese Poodle Mix

What do you get when you mix the beautiful, easy to groom, and hardy Maltese with the bright playfulness and sensitivity of a cute, curly haired poodle?

You get a MaltiPoo, a toy mix that is adorable, hardy, playful, and intelligent. In addition, many people find the MaltiPoo to be hypoallergenic. This is because both the Maltese and Poodle belong to classes of dog breeds that are hypoallergenic for most people. The Maltese has "human-like" hair that sheds minimally, and the Poodle has non-shedding hair. For this reason, many people that are allergic to other breeds find that they are not allergic to the MaltiPoo. 

The Maltese has soft, silky hair that does not shed, and does not have many of the genetic health problems that get passed down through other breeds. For this reason, Maltese are one of the healthiest toy breeds available. Poodles have cute, curly hair, with a playful personality, yet they are normally not high strung. But they do prefer to be pampered and make a great little lap dog.

The MaltiPoo has soft silky curls that do not get matted. Because their hair is so easy to comb through, they can be ready for a night out or a visit with friends in a moments notice.

Parti-Colored MaltiPoo
maltepoo party color

Apricot MaltiPoo with more of a Maltese coat texture and beautiful golden highlights.

They are very sweet little lap dogs and make a great little friend to pal around with. Grooming: You can keep a short puppy cut with a teddy bear face that needs very little grooming even as adults. (Keeping their hair the way they are as puppies as seen here on my web site. ) Or you can let their hair grow long in length and put a little pony tail with a bow on top.
 A lot of people call them a fancy little dog because have become a favorite of many celebrities like Elizabeth Taylor and Zaa Zaa Gabor. They are more of a pampered pet not the kind of dog you would put in your backyard and forget about. In my opinion they are very carefree and fun loving little dog with lots of personality eager to play ball and can amuse themselves for hours with their own little toys.
The Poodle has also been a favorite of Toy Breeds because they are so loyal and easy to train a favorite of all Circus trainers because they can be taught the most difficult tasks. Not easily distracted by things going on around them such as the audience and keep their focus on the trainer. Always eager to please and enjoy a treat in return. MaltiPoos can be any color that the poodle comes in. A light Fawn, Brown, Chocolate, Black, Black and White like a party poodle and Apricot. 98% of MaltiPoos Do not have problems with tear stained eyes and most of my customers have noticed their hair grows a little slower which means less trips to be groomed.

tiny teacup maltepoo
All of the MaltiPoos that we have available for sale at this time are listed in our photo gallery of puppies for sale or adoption.                 

If you don't find what you are looking for you may want to get on our waiting list if you need a specific color or size.
We select the parents for both color, size and personality and keep only the best quality parents for breeding which makes our MaltiPoos very different from others you may have seen. 

Getting on the waiting list for one will sometimes allow you the extra time needed to save for your new pet or get supplies you may need for them such as a dogie bed, chew toys, collar, leash, book about training or the breed you plan to get, food bowl, puppy litter. Or may give you time to get a place ready in your yard that your puppy can enjoy at playtime.

Varirty of names for Maltese Poodle Mix Puppies
MaltiPoo, Malte Poo, MaltaPoo
Malti Poo, Malte Poo, Malta Poo

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