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This page offer information on how to get a free teacup or toy puppy from our pet boutique.

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Please read if you are wanting to win a free pet or interested in a offer from us.

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1. We have drawings for Free Puppies all year, Free Christmas Puppy, Free Valentines Puppy, Free Mothers or Fathers Day Puppy etc...

2. Occasionally we will have Puppy with a health problem and will offer it in our adoption section as lower priced or free. You can join our adoption pet waiting list to get first choice of adoption pets. Send an e-mail and request a waiting list application.

3. Someone will contact us and need to find an immediate home for a Teacup or Toy Maltese, Yorkie, Poodle, etc....
Because they are being called to active Military Duty, Grandmother was put in a nursing home, they are relocating, etc...... 
These customers prefer to meet the person that will take their pet rather than give it up an adoption center that may put the pet to sleep if they don't find a home for it.

4. We occasionally have promotions at our walk in location for free pets and the first person to come in and say they are willing to give it a good home can have the free adoption pet.

5. We also mark our puppies down every 2 to 10 days until they are sold or adopted, if their price drops below $25.00 for over 48 hours we will mark them for free.

We do receive a massive amount of phone calls from people inquiring about our free teacup and toy pets an we do not receive public funding and do not have additional phone staff available to answer general questions on free puppies. That is why our lower priced adoption pets are only available through our web site and feel you can find an immediate answer to all of your questions if you just take the time to read the information we have provided.
If you do not see any lower priced or free pets on our web site it is because we are out.

Due to the overwhelming response we receive for free puppies we cannot call you when one becomes available. 

We only send notices to our e-mailing list customers that have joined our e-mailing list or following us on facebook.

Select JOIN US at the bottom of this page if you would like to be contacted when we have a free puppy in any of the sizes listed on this page.
We have drawings for free puppies all year as well as offer free pets with special needs to our adoption waiting list customers and customers on our e-mailing list.

Our waiting list customers, previous customers, pet supply customers and e-mailing list customers will have first choice of our adoption pets.
Basically they will have first choice of puppies and if they decide to pass anyone that submits an application can adopt the available pet.

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We occasionally make announcements on facebook when a free mystery pet is available. We post an announcement, not the picture to let you know that a free mystery pet is available on our main web site. 

 It will then be your responsibility to go to the web site and find it in the puppies available for sale or adoption section.
We normally give you a puppy number however we may not offer a puppy number each time. We may only offer clues like the puppy is in a pumpkin or wearing santa suite.
Puppies are given, sold & adopted to the first person to submit their application for them, if the customer calls & e-mails to confirm their application & pick-up time.

If a application was required, you submitted an application for a free pet, you will have only one hour to come in and pick your puppy up in person after you call to confirm that your application was received. You must let us know you are on your way, so we can hold the puppy for you. It keeps several people from showing up for the same puppy at the same time.
If you call & we tell you someone is already on their way to get the puppy, you can ask what is their deadline time. If we say 9:00 you can let us know that you would like to be put down for 9:15 pick-up and if the people do not make it in time or change their mind once they see the pet and you are at our location at 10:15 you get the puppy. Appointments are set 15 minutes apart.
The only customers that will be allowed a longer than 1 hour to arrive at our location for a free puppy is our waiting list customers that have been on the waiting list for over 24 hours before the free puppy is announced. Click open the SiteMap/Directory to find waiting list information.

We also have lower priced adoption & free mystery pets located in the puppies for sale section of our web site.

We do not tell you which ones they are, they are hidden and it is up to you to find the lower priced adoption pets.

You may have to click open every available puppy that we have to find a free or adoption pet.

Join our e-mailing list to be notified of upcoming free puppies.
Drawing For Free Holiday Puppies
This drawing is only for customers that can visit our location in person. When a drawing for customers that need shipping becomes available it will be annouced in a newsletter to customers that have joined our e-mailing list.
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