Submit an application on a specific puppy number the day before you come and save up to 75 % OFF on discounted Deal of The Day featured summer clearance puppies + free puppy starter package!

We are super busy on Saturday and may not have time to answer the phone

Puppies are available from from 10 am to 4pm Monday through Saturday

Contact us before 8 am if you want to view a specific puppy number.



IMPORTANT! I need to know the day before or no later than 8:00 am if you want to see a specific puppy number today. You can also contact us to see what breeds are available in our boutique today.
 We do have puppies every Saturday from 11 to 4 pm.

 Call or text if you want to see a specific puppy! 972-552-1989

.​​Once the owner leaves her home for the day there will be a express viewing fee for us to go back and get a specific puppy or breed.  It is a 3 hour round trip to go back and get more puppies

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Free Puppy Starter Package! When you submit an application on a specific puppy before coming.

 Money Saving Tip!

​All puppies have a starting price.

Select puppies are marked down every

2 to 10 days until sold only on our web site. 

Many are marked down daily during

non-peak season!

​We also feature a different pet daily at the
"Deal of The Day Price"

Discounted pets can be found anywhere on our web site.

This price is subject to change at any time that is why we don't quote the discounted price over the phone or in person.

If you are on a budget and need to save it is up to you to locate a discounted price puppy and submit an application for it and pick it up before the featured price ends.

We only have one puppy viewing room and you can reserve it for you and your family. 
(Recommended for customers
that prefer not to stand for a long time and enjoy personalized service)
We can show you puppies by 
breed, size, sex or your price limit. Just let us know what is important to you.
We only offer 4 appointments a day and they fill up fast!

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Non-Shedding Breeds

Take any puppy home for only $49.00 Down! 
Good Credit, Fair Credit or No Credit 

Easy Pet Financing Payment Options.
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Pet Shipping and personal pet escort service. Your puppy will be delivered right into your arms with our personal pet escort service.

Pet supplies in our pet boutique
Very large selection of pet carriers, collars & pet clothes

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