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The annual cost for a large toy or medium sized dog is: $2,800.00 in the lifetime of this pet with an average lifespan of 15 years it will cost you $33,600.00
( Food & Treats $100.00 a month X 12 = $1,200.00 ) + ( Grooming for a medium size dog $85.00 X 12 = $1,200.00)+ ( Vet Services & Teeth Cleaning $400.00 )

Food & Treats:$1,200.00
Grooming: $1,200.00
Vet Bills: $400.00
X 15 years=$33,600.00

The annual cost to for a true teacup or small toy is: $650.00
( Food & Treats $25.00 a month X 12 = $300.00 + ( Grooming for a medium size dog $25.00 X 6 = $150.00 )
+ ( Vet Services & Teeth Cleaning $200.00 )

Food & Treats:$300.00
Grooming: $150.00
Vet Bills: $200.00
X 15 years=$650.00

Why not get what you really want right from the start and save yourself a lot of money in years to come. Teacup and Tiny Teacup puppies pay for themselves over the years.

This information page will help you to see the long term & short term cost of the pet you are interested in purchasing.

Tiny Teacup / Teacup vs a Toy Pet

Iams® ProActive Health™ Smart Puppy Small & Toy Breed Formula

It is formulated to meet the nutritional levels established by the AAFCO Dog Food Nutrient Profiles for Maintenance.

Feeding Guidelines    

 Age  6-11 weeks      3-4 months     5-7 months    8-12 months  *  *
 Weight of Puppy

Dry cups of food per day

Dry cups of food per day


Dry cups of food per day

Dry cups of food per day

* *
 1 Pound 1-2 Teaspoon 1-2 Teaspoon 1-2 Teaspoon  1-2 Teaspoon  *
 3 Pound 1 Tablespoon  1 Tablespoon  2 Tablespoon   2-3 Tablespoon  *
 5 Pound 1/2 Cup  1/2 Cup  1/2 Cup   1 Cup   *

 Weight of Puppy   6-11 weeks        3-4 months      5-7 months    8-12 months   *    * 
 10 Pounds    1 Cups  2 Cups   3 Cups   4 to 5 Cups      
 20 Pound 2 Cups   2 to 3 Cups    4 Cups    5 Cups       
 25 Pound 2 Cup   2 to 3 Cups   6 Cups    6 Cups       
 30 Pound  3 Cup   4 Cups   6 to 7 Cups    8 to 10 Cups       

Dry / canned mix: for each 1/2 cup of dry food, you can substitute 1/4 of a can.

These guideline amounts are a starting point and your dog may need more food depending upon age, activity and temperament.

In order to reach optimal body condition, you may need to adjust food intake. This chart represents the total recommended volume of food per day. You should divide the total recommended feeding amount by the number of times you feed your dog per day to get the actual portion size per feeding. 

 Annual Grooming Cost of a Tiny Teacup or Teacup vs Toy Size Adult Pet

Average groomers expenses below

Average grooming expense for pet under 5 pounds, groomed every 3 months in a year.
 $25.00 X 6 Groomings = $100.00
Over the 10 years you will have paid $1,000.00
( Smaller dog's may not need to be groomed as often )

Average grooming expense for pet 8 to 12 pounds groomed every 2 months in a year.
 $85.00 X 6 = $510.00
Over the 10 years you will have paid $5,500.00

Average grooming expense for pet over 12 pounds groomed every 2 months in a year.
 $125.00 to $100.00 X 4 = $750.00
Over the 10 years you will have paid $7,500.00

Breeders that are selling their Yorkshire Terrier, Maltese & MaltiPoo Puppies
 for $500.00 or less will normally be 15 to 38 pounds full grown.