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Puppies are shown by appointment only!
Dallas - Snider Plaza Location now open until 8:00 pm on Friday - Saturday & Sunday!
Select our contact information for address & hours to both locations.
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New Puppies Available For Sale
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 Lower Priced * Adoption Pets * Free Pets
Now Available
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Adult Pets Now Available
6 Months & Up
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low priced teacup puppy
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Free Puppy Starter Package
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 Discounted Puppies Now Available For Sale
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Micro Tiny Teacup * Rare hard to find colors
Celebrity Bloodline * Higher Prices Puppies
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Sneak Pre-View Of Upcoming Puppies &
Extra Large Photos & Videos Of Puppies Currently Available For Sale
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How to detect a puppy mill
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How To Detect A Puppy Mill & Internet Scams

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