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Every breeder is different, and this link will help you to understand the size definition for our puppies and predicted weight as an adult.
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The word teacup is a size definition that breeders give dogs to describe the size of their puppies. You will not see any notes on your registration papers that your dog is a teacup, tiny teacup or tiny toy. The only information noted will be the breed, sex, color and parents information. This is where a lot of web sites against teacups base their information.
Dog registration papers are similiar to your birth certificate. It does not note your size or mention the fact that you are tall, short, slim, or fat.
However people often use these words to describe another person.

In the early 1800 & 1900's breeders began downsizing and mixing different breeds to get what was desired by dog lovers and the people that were purchasing a dog as their personal pets. If you look far back at the history of Yorkshire Terriers you will see that they originated from 4 to 5 diffrent breeds and the Chihuahuas that were originally from Mexico were 20 to 25 pounds. The American Kennel Club (AKC) to this day has Chihuahuas that have their registration on them that weigh over 20 pounds. Just beacuse you get registration papers, does not mean you are getting a show quality dog. 
It is us Americans that have breed them down to what was most desired in that breed. Teacup puppies got their size definition when breeders were able to get them small enough that they could fit in a teacup or coffee cup when they were weaned from their Mother normally 5 to 6 weeks of age. Some breeders still use this size definition to sell their puppies. That is why we added the comment in our "Low Priced Teacup Puppy" information page that says; Just beacuse the breeder told you that the puppy they were selling you was a teacup does not mean it will stay a teacup.

                                                                     WHAT DETERMINES OUR SIZE CHART 

The way we determine the approximate size of the puppies we sell is by the weight of the parents, grand parents and great grandparents. We have been breeding for over 15 years and know the history of the dogs we breed. If we are classifying a puppy as a Super Tiny Teacup it is beacuse their parents and grandparents for 10 or more generations back have been the weight range we predicted.

EXAMPLE ON THE MALTI POO BREED: Basically Tiny Toy MaltePoos parents weigh between 4 to 6 pounds it would be very unlikely that parents that small in size would have a 8 pound puppy. That is why we feel confident in the size guarantee that we offer because we are very familiar with the bloodline of the puppies we breed.

* Note: We realize that people have different opinions and definitions of a dog's size. We do not believe anyone can tell you the exact weight of a puppy when full grown. However, an experienced and honest breeder or veterinarian can come very close to helping you understand what your puppy's size will be as an adult. 
Everyone's opinion in size is different, sometimes it can be very misleading if you are looking for a specific size of dog. We receive an average of 40 phone calls a day from people who are looking for teacup puppies.

Their are also other breeders out their that receive the same amount of phone calls. Making it very tempting for those breeders to lead you to believe they are selling teacup puppies. Especially right now that the economy is down, breeders will tell you whatever you want to hear to take your money. Several months after they have taken your money you began to realize that what you purchased was not a teacup. If you call the breeder back and tell them the teacup puppy you purchased from them is now 10 pounds. All they have to say is sorry that is my opinion of a teacup or it was a teacup when we sold it to you, if they even remember who you are. 

We call these types of breeders quick cash breeders most of them take cash only and suggest another meeting place for you to purchase their puppy other than their home or a location that you can come back to. Read the Buyers Beware in the Health Section and remember it only takes 30 seconds to ask the breeder that you plan to purchase a puppy from:
 " How Long is your Health Guarantee?  & " Do you offer a Written Size Guarantee for the puppies you sell ? "

If they are not willing to stand behind the puppies they sell and offer every excuse in the book why they don't offer a written size guarantee chances are you will end up with a dog that is 3 to 4 times larger than what you originally wanted.  How many puppies are you going to buy before you get the size you really wanted?

Smart shoppers do research on the pet they plan to purchase to make sure it will be the size they truly wanted and compatable with their lifestyle. If this will be your personal pet that you plan to pal around with, don't get stuck with a pet that will triple in size. You may have to save a little more money to get what you really wanted, but it will be worth it in the long run. Read Teacup VS Toy on the left side of this page to help you see just what it will cost you to care for a larger dog. You will see that the tiny puppies pay for themselves over the years. 

You also need to be realistic are you looking for a Lexus for the price of a Chevrolet?
True teacup breeders may ask more for their puppies but they have the real thing and know their value, their not about to start at puppy mill & quick cash breeders prices to sell their puppies. They realize their are a lot of people out their that have fallen for them and will eventually become riser in their search for a true teacup.

The size chart listed in each breed category is our opinion and size definitions for our puppies not other breeders puppies. We let you know upfront and in writing just what to expect from the puppy you purchase from us.
The size chart is offered on our web site give you our honest opinion of what your puppy will weigh full grown. If you are worried that your puppy will not be the size you wanted, you will be given a opportunity to get one or more veterinarians opinion on your puppy’s size and will be allowed to return and exchange it or request a refund or credit according to our size guarantee.

I, have spent many years dealing with the public and have came to realize it's not always the breeders fault that people ended up with a larger dog than what they originally wanted. People come out to look at puppies with their hearts set on a tiny teacup dog when they realize they cant afford the tiniest puppy we have to offer they settle for a tiny toy or toy and ask us questions about the puppy they picked " Do you think this dog is tiny? " In our opinion all puppies look tiny & small.
Another commonly asked question is " Will it stay close to a teacup size?" most breeders will answer, Yes. Well, to most breeders a toy dog is the next size to a teacup, so sure it will stay close to a teacup size.
Then again if you can't afford a teacup you may want to consider the next size up a tiny toy or small toy.

Now, if you ask me if the puppy is going to stay small or tiny. That's really just a matter of opinion. Just what exactly does tiny mean to you the customer or the breeder?  When you compare it to a dalmatian or great pyrenees, sure that little dog will be tiny.
A lot of time it's all in the way things are worded or the way the question is asked or answered.

Did you know some breeders teacups get up to 10 pounds full grown, that's their version of a teacup. When your dog gets larger than what you expected, all they have to say is that's our version or opinion of a teacup dog.

You also need to realize that not all dogs have tiny petite body frames that is why you will see a diffrent size chart for each breed we specialize in. Some breeds such as the French Bulldog, Shih Tzu, Jack Russell Terrier and Dachshunds have more muscle mass in their bodies than other toy breeds. When full grown they are the same height or smaller that a tiny petite built dog. However they are an excellent choice for families that have toddlers or small children that will be purchasing their first teacup dog, beacuse they have a sturdy stocky body that will be able to withstand being dropped from a low area. We often tell customers that want our tiny teacup puppies and have small children, " Only you know how hard you work for your money, if your child leaves this puppy on the bed unattended and it falls off and breaks it's leg or neck. Can you afford to replace it or the vet bills it may incur trying to save it?"

Our teacup French Bulldogs can grow to 8 and 10 pounds because they have a stocky sturdy body and pack a lot of muscle. When you compare it to the regular size French Bulldogs that can grow to 35 pounds it sounds really small.

Again if size is important to you get a clear understating of what size the puppy you are purchasing will be when it is full grown. It doesn't matter if the breeder calls it a Micro Teacup, Extreme Tiny Teacup or Super Tiny Teacup or just Teacup. It would make things so much easier if every breeder offered a size chart for their puppies, not unless they wanted you to assume the puppy you are purchasing will always be tiny. 

Their are a lot of great breeders out their and if you the consumer don't educate yourself about the breed and size of dog you really want and get it in writing then you may never get that adorable tiny puppy your heart longs for.
Educate yourself about the breed and size of pet you will be spending the next 15 years with.
Even if you don't purchase a puppy from us, our goal is to educate you about teacup & toy dog breeds
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