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Teacup Puppies For Sale

Tiny Teacup and Toy Puppies Now Available For Sale and Adoption

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Puppy prices reduced up to $100.00 every 2 to 10 days until sold after they are 3 months of age!
Our family puppy playrooms stay full during the holidays. You can call or e-mail to make a reservation to guarantee a 2 hour puppy playroom viewing will be available for your family when you visit our location. Recommended for large families and customers that cannot stand for a long period of time until a puppy playroom becomes available.

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Puppies Available For Sale or Adoption


The cutest puppies and lowest priced puppies go fast !
Puppies are sold or adopted to the first person that clicks the " Application " button and submits an application& calls to confirm their application was received.
Select Puppy Prices Reduced Up To $100.00 Every 2 to 10 Days Until Sold!
 Our puppy nursery closes at 3:00 pm
We always suggest that you come as early as possible so that you will have time to get to know the personality of the puppy you plan to purchase. 
Occasionally open later Friday - Saturday only for customers that have submitted an application online for a specific puppy or have requested a private viewing.
Select our contact information above for address, hours, phone numbers.

When sending us an e-mail please include your name & phone number for a faster response  TeacupPets@TexasTeacups.com
Click open the SiteMap Directory above to find the answer to virtually any question about us, our puppies, services & coupons. 

We currently have 5 pages of puppies available for sale & adoption along with a sneak pre-view section for those of you that are anxious to see what's coming up soon.


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Low Priced Teacup Information Page

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       $$Select puppies on this page will be marked down in every 2 to 10 days until sold! $$
  We are in the process of re-evaluating our puppy sizes - the price or size may change if we fill the puppy will be smaller or larger than we originally predicted it will be.
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Parti Colored Male Biewer Yorkie

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Puppy #2902

Super Smart - Long Coat Chihuahua

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Puppy # LC CHI 2908

Adult Female Teacup Yorkie

Puppy #2943 

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Male Long Coat Chihuahua 

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Puppy # 2989

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Tiny Male Daisy # 2827

Adult Male Micro Tiny Teacup Yorkie ( 3 pounds full grown)
Maybe available this summer

Puppy # 2944

Small Breed Grooming Now Available 

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