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Customer and Internet scams to watch out for.

Looking for a low priced teacup puppy?
You may be setting yourself up to be scammed!

                                                           IS SIZE IMPORTANT TO YOU!

If buying a true teacup puppy is really important to you please read this information page it offers warning tips and advice on what to ask a breeder and how to know if you are buying a true teacup puppy.

                              " A cheap puppy can be the most expensive puppy you will ever buy"
                        " A cheap teacup puppy can grow up to 4 times the size you originally wanted "
         " 98% of cheap teacup dogs are counterfeit, true teacup dog breeders know their value & don't sell them cheap"

Don't get stuck with outragous vet bills from buying a puppy through a quick cash breeder (puppy mill) that offers you a tiny 4 or 5 week old puppy that is not ready to leave it's mother, trying to convince you it is a teacup. That cheap so called teacup could one day grow to be 3 or 4 times the size you wanted.
Take the time to read helpful information below and our buyers beware to help you find a honest reputable dog breeder. Basically you get what you pay for. Example: You can't walk into a Kia car dealership and expect to get a Lexus. However if you purchased a Lexus and the dealership delivered you a Kia, you would want some of your money back wouldn't you? This is why you need a written money back size guarantee, if size is important to you.
Counterfit teacup dog breeders will give you every excuse in the book as to why they don't offer written money back size guarantees. It's up to you to educate yourself on how to get what you want for your money. We have helped millions of people get a true teacup puppy or a healthy puppy just by reading this page.

                      Teacup and Super Tiny Teacup Puppies are now the most requested and searched pets on the Internet.
                                          They rank as high as searches for a new car, home or health information.

Most breeders receive 20 to 50 phone calls and e-mails a day from people that are looking for cheap teacup puppies. Making it easy for breeders to tell people just what they want to hear. " Sure, we will sell you a cheap teacup puppy! " or " I, don't size guarantee my puppies or call them teacup but I can tell you they are extremely tiny and come from parents that only weigh 3 pounds and will be willing to show you the parents when you come to see the puppies"

Do you have any idea how many times they may have showed their tiniest dogs to every customer that walked in the door and said this is the parents.

Right now that the economy is down breeders are doing all they can to move their puppies and take money from innocent people that don't know what a real teacup looks like.

I, wish I had a dollar for every customer that told us they purchased a teacup puppy for a low price and six months later ended up with a puppy that was four times the weight they expected it to be or spent an outragous amount of money trying to keep the poor thing alive. Because the only reason it looked so tiny is beacuse it was only 4 or 5 weeks old. Most of them don't even have teeth and have not been properly weaned from their Mother. When the richness from their Mother's milk has left their body and they are dependent on their own immune system to keep them going, they crash and become anemic followed by hypoglycemia.

Breeders are banking on you falling in love with the pet you purchased and keeping it, that is why they don't offer longer health guarantees or any type of size guarantee. Think about it, if you had true teacup puppies for sale wouldn't you be proud to stand behind them and assure your customers they were buying a true teacup?  Then why are they not willing to give you a written size guarantee?

Even the cheap toy puppies you see advertised can grow to be 25 to 40 pounds and the breeders will tell you whatever you want to hear to sell you one of these puppies.
EXAMPLE:  Sure we can sell you a really tiny little teacup puppy for only $300.00  You know what they say about " If it sounds to good to be true " .
Dog breeders are like used cars salesmen, they never have anything nice to say about another breeder.
It's up to you to educate yourself so that you don't get scammed by a quick cash breeder that could care less how big your puppy gets or after they have taken your money.

Educate yourself about the breed and size of pet you will be spending the next 15 years with.
Even if you don't purchase a puppy from us, our goal is to educate you about teacup & toy dog breeds
Is their really such thing as a teacup?
Why do other web sites say their is no such thing as a teacup?

Find The Answer Here.
What determine the size of our puppies?
How can you guarantee the size of a puppy?

Find The Answer Here.
Internet Pet Scams you should beware of when searching for a new puppy?
Find The Answer Here.
 Teacup Size Definition Teacup Size Definition  Buyer's Beware 
^ Click Here ^
To see what a CHEAP counterfeit teacup Maltese
with a long nose & legs will look like when full grown

This is what we specialize in.
Extreme Baby Face Puppies
^ Click Here ^
To see what a CHEAP counterfeit teacup Yorkie
with a long nose & legs will look like when full grown

Why are tiny dog's so expensive?

The demand for tiny teacup and teacup dogs as well as the cost to raise them have driven their price up over the past 5 years.
If you purchased a lower priced teacup dog in the past you may be shocked at the current asking price from true teacup dog breeders.

The parents to tiny puppies are very small in size and can only have only one puppy in a litter, sometimes you get lucky and they have two.

* True Teacup dog breeders know that they must take extra care of their breeding parents in order to provide healthy puppies.

* They must be kept on a premium  brand of dog food and have their breeding pets examined by a licensed veterinarian & their teeth cleaned often.

* Tiny adult dogs cannot be breed on their first heat cycle you must wait until their second heat cycle before breeding them, breeders will wait until they are normally one year of age before they are breed for the first time.

* They cannot be breed every time they have a heat cycle, breeders must skip between heat cycles and may wait a two years before breeding them again.

* Teacup breeding dogs must be kept on purified water, they cannot tolerate faucet water. ( Microbial Cysts , Giardia, Lead, Mercury,Industrial Chemicals, Pesticides, Chlorine, etc.) You can see it in the adult tear stains.

* The breeders that have true teacup puppies do not sell them cheap. They realize the value in them as well as the cost and time to raise them, if you are looking for a true teacup puppy from a true teacup breeder you probably won't find one for less than a $1,000.00.

* They must be kept indoors and cannot tolerate extreme hot or cold temperatures.

* The cost to keep air conditioned and heated kennels has sky rocketed. Some years ago we would freak out if our electric bill went over $100.00 now feel lucky to get a electric bill less than $500.00 a month.

Premium dog food, purified water and vet services has tripled over the last few years. Breeders can no longer stay in business and keep up with the demand of tiny & healthy puppies, without raising their prices.

A new mandatory dog breeding law is are going into effect summer of 2012  causing dog breeders to drastically increase their prices on their puppies or stop breeding. Cheap dog breeders and puppy mills will no longer be able to stay in business. It will cause even the smallest hobby breeder to spend thousands of dollars to upgrade their kennel and pay annual licence & inspection fees over $3,500.00 a year just to stay in business. Plus they will be required by law to pay a fee for each puppy sold as well as self employment and sales tax for all puppies sold.
Breeders will risk high fines, judgements against their property if not paid and jail time if caught violating these laws. By summer of 2012 cheap teacup& toy dogs will be extinct. If you are planning on purchasing a small breed puppy you may want to consider making your purchase now before summer of 2012. Dog Kennel clubs across the United States are predicting that Canton and other flea markets will look like a ghost town. The breeder that do pay thousands of dollars to upgrade their breeding kennel will have to double their puppy prices just to stay in business.

You won't see any more Mom & Pop breeders that enjoyed a tax free income. It will be mandatory that all breeders get registered with the State Comptrollers Office and pay sales taxes on every puppy they sell. Breeders will also be required to have a IRS registered business tax number and pay self employment business tax for the income they earn from puppy sales.
99% of dog breeders over age 60 are on disability or social security that are making a fortune on tax free income. If you do not see a Sales Tax Certificate in their office, home or place of business, you are helping support these types of breeders. You could receive a reward for reporting them and earn up to 30% of what they owe the IRS just for blowing the whistle on them. If they have been in business for over 5 years you could claim a small fortune.
Look up Internal Revenue Code 7623 (b)   

True teacup breeders are banning together and taking a stand to hold their prices, their will be no reason for them to sell puppies for less than, because they will no longer be competing with puppy mills and counterfeit teacup dog breeder. 

Average fair price for true teacup puppy is $1,500.00 to $2,500.00.

Average price for true tiny teacup puppies can start at $3,500.00.

If a teacup puppy is out of your price range you may want to consider a tiny toy or small toy puppy.
Most of the Quick Cash Breeders, Puppy Mill Breeders & Hobby Breeders are not educated enough to know how to raise & care for extreme tiny puppies. They are more interested in massive producing their dogs, quanity is more important than quality. They cannot afford to keep their breeding dogs in a temperature controlled kennel or enviroment, premium dog food and pay for vet services from veterinarians that specializes in teacup dogs.
That is why you find a lot of breeders that have converted to keeping only their cheap larger toy breeds that can be kept outdoors and massive produce. As the demand for teacup dogs grew they become more desperate for sales and tell you what you want to hear to sell you their puppy. Causing a huge amount of counterfeit teacup puppies to be sold to unknowledgable people that were deceived to believe a lie.

Once you get an overall view of how tiny dogs are raised and the cost of annual care involved you will also understand why true teacup puppies are so expensive.

The annual cost for a large toy or medium sized dog is: $2,800.00 in the lifetime of this pet with an average lifespan of 15 years it will cost you $33,600.00
( Food & Treats $100.00 a month X 12 = $1,200.00 ) + ( Grooming for a medium size dog $85.00 X 12 = $1,200.00)+ ( Vet Services & Teeth Cleaning $400.00 )

Food & Treats:$1,200.00
Grooming: $1,200.00
Vet Bills: $400.00
X 15 years=$33,600.00

The annual cost to for a true teacup or small toy is$650.00
( Food & Treats $25.00 a month X 12 = $300.00  + ( Grooming for a medium size dog $25.00 X 6 = $150.00 )
+ ( Vet Services & Teeth Cleaning $200.00 )

Food & Treats:$300.00
Grooming: $150.00
Vet Bills: $200.00
X 15 years=$650.00

Why not get what you really want right from the start and save yourself a lot of money in years to come. Teacup and Tiny Teacup puppies pay for themselves over the years.
Frequently asked questions.........

How do I purchase a lower priced teacup or tiny teacup puppy from this web site?

* Read our money saving tips page.
* Look for dicount coupons in the coupon section of our web site.
* Read Puppy Price Options information page on our web site.

* Select " Primary Information Pages " for additional tips & page links.

        If purchasing a healthy tiny puppy is important to you please read important questions to ask the breeder you plan to purchase a puppy from.

                                                                                                        Tiny Teacup Yorkshire Terrier Puppies For Sale

                                                        IMPORTANT QUESTIONS TO ASK A BREEDER

Remember all it takes is 30 seconds to ask a breeder these important questions......

1. If the puppy I purchase from you has a genetic health problem such as a congenital or hereditary health problem puppy can I return it?

2. If my puppy has a contagious disease or dies from a contagious disease will you replace it?

If the answer is yes, ask how many days will you have to return the pet.

3. How many days do you allow for me to take the puppy I, purchase from you to a vet and will that be at my expense or do you pay for the office visit?

4. Your are assuring me the puppy you are selling me is a teacup, what if it gets big and becomes a large toy? Will it be size guaranteed?

5. Do you offer a written money back size guarantee?

4. How Long is your Health Guarantee? "

You may be surprised by their answer.
Print this page or write down these questions so you will know what to ask a breeder when you are searching for a puppy.

Dog breeders are like used car salesmen, you almost never hear one say anything nice about their competition.

My intentions are not to run anyone down, but educate and make new puppy owners aware of the love and care that true teacup breeders put into their puppies.

There are a lot of great breeders out their and if you do your research and save your money for that special tiny puppy that you have always wanted. You won't be able to put a price on the love, joy and happiness that it will bring into your home.

Research Tips & Questions To Ask Breeder

  1. Don't let the breeder know up front you are looking for a teacup puppy.
  2. Research Question: First ask them if they have puppies in the breed & sex you are looking for.
  3. Tell them you are looking for a toy size puppy but you may consider a smaller size. Leaving the opportunity open for them to tell you about their teacups if they have any available when you call.
  4. Research Question: Ask what size do they predict the puppy will be when full grown?
  5. If the size is larger than what you wanted, then ask if they have any teacups or tiny teacup puppies.
  6. Research Question: Ask what size are your teacups when full grown?
  7. Some breeders consider teacup puppies to be any breed under 8 pounds and most breeders have their own size definition for teacup & tiny teacup puppies.

If your puppy grows larger than what you expected, most of them will say, " That's my version or opinion of a teacup"

  1. Research Question: Do you size guarantee your puppies?
  2. Research Question: Will I receive a written size guarantee?  

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Just because you pay more for a teacup does not mean you are getting a true teacup.
Internet Scams Uncovered on: LuxPup, MSPuppyConnetion, PoshFairyTail