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paris hilton and tinker bell chihuahua
Home of world famous
Paris Hilton's Tinkerbell

Home of World Famous
Blake Lively's MaltiPoo Penny

ashley tisdale maltepoo
Breeder of Ashley Tisdale's
MaltiPoo Maui

Rihanna dog
Rihanna's MaltiPoo Dog

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Look for coupons below and save $10.00 on our soft sided designer pet carriers for tiny teacup puppies and small toy dogs.
Save up $100.00 or more on your puppy purchase in the coupon section link below.

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Welcome to Teacup and Toy Pets Boutique
also known as Texas Teacups
We specialize in breeding and grooming teacup and toy puppy/dogs!
We also offer a unique selection of designer dog collars, clothes, carriers and beds for the pampered pet.
This web site was designed for Tiny Teacup Puppy Lovers!

Home of Many World-Famous Celebrity Pets and the Cutest Baby Face Puppies on the internet!

Select our contact information for phone numbers, address & hours to both new locations.

If you cannot reach us send an e-mail with your phone number.
Select our contact information for address, phone numbers and e-mail.

                                Free Pet Shipping in the USA on select puppies only during the month of March!
                                         Payment must be received by 3-31-2015 to qualify.
Please read before clicking open puppies for sale section below.
Our web site was designed to educate you on how to purchase & care for a teacup puppy/dog.
It can be overwhelming to the typical customer that is looking to make a quick puppy purchase. However if you are the type of person that wants to make a wise, educated and money saving decision about the pet you will spend the next 15 to 18 years with, you will find our web site very informative.

This Teacup Education Resource Center provides resources and related services specifically for people that are wanting to educate themselves on how to purchase, house train and care for a teacup or toy puppy. We are not your typical quick cash dog breeder.
If size is very important to you; click open our Low Priced Teacup information page above to give you a better understanding of how to purchase a true teacup puppy/dog.

Seeing our adorable tiny teacup puppies is enough to make your heart jump for joy!
Customers tell us we have the cutest puppies on the internet and love the fact that they can click them open to view humongous life size images, with a large variety of photos & videos from our in-house photography studio.
First time customers get so excited they speed through to our puppies for sale and adoption section and miss a lot of important information. If you go slow through our web site and take the time to read options available on this page, you will be amazed at how much easier our site is to navigate.
New To Our Web Site button on the left is the best place to start it offers the answer to frequently asked questions about puppies, sizes, shipping and prices.
Boutique Pet Supplies
We also have the largest known walk-in pet boutique in Texas that caters to tiny teacup & toy dog breeds!
With a large selection of designer dog collars, pet carriers, fashionable tiny teacup & toy dog clothes for the pampered pet and beautiful dog beds (car beds, canopy dog beds, snuggle beds, luxury soft dog beds, fashionable hot pink & zebra dog beds).
Rare hard to find micro teacup, super tiny teacup, teacup and toy pet supplies. (Read more about us at the bottom of this page.)
Dallas location offers upscale boutique style supplies - Garland location offers budget priced pampered pet supplies.

Small Breed Grooming Now Available 
Call for more information:
Teacup and Toy Pets Boutique and Small Breed Grooming - Dallas

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Puppies are available for sale 24 hours a day 7 days a week!
Please select Our Contact Information for hours and address.
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TeacupPuppies For Sale in Texas
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Small Breed Grooming Now Available

Select our contact information for address, phone numbers & hours - we now have 2 locations.
Rockwall / Garland on I-30 near Bass Pro Shop 
Dallas in University Park Snider Plaza 

Send us an e-mail if you would like more information on free pets and discount coupons or additional information. 

 Micro Tiny Teacup & Toy Puppies For Sale 

We Offer Size Guaranteed Puppies *

Specializing in Extreme Baby Face & Teddy Bear face Puppies.
Featured on Good Morning Texas

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We are the only known dog breeder in the world that offers a 
Written Money Back Size Guarantee on Tiny Teacup Puppies and Lifetime Pet Replacement.

The largest and most informative teacup and toy website on the internet!  
High-speed internet is required to navigate this site or you can select “classic view” at the bottom of your iPhone.

Baby face Maltese, Yorkies, Morkie, MaltiPoo, Poodle, Pomeranian, Imperial ShihTzu, Daisy,  
Miniature Teacup French Bulldogs.

We cater to clients interested in TRUE size guaranteed teacup puppies - not cheap counterfeit teacups from quick cash breeders. 
We also offer personal delivery service to any airport in the United States and any country in the world via our pet shipping service.


Below are sample photos of the
Tiny Teacup and Toy Dog Breeds We Specialize In
(Photos below are for reference only - they are not links.)

Tiny Teacup MaltiPoo Puppies For Sale Tiny Teacup 
MaltiPoo and Poodles

#1 Designer Breed in the World!

 Hypoallergenic and 

Tiny Teacup Yorkies For Sale
Baby Face Teacup Yorkies

#2 Designer Breed in the World:  Morkies! 

 Hypoallergenic and 

 Teacup Daisy Puppies for sale
Daisy Puppies

#3 Top Designer Breed in The World!

Hypoallergenic and 

Tiny Teacup Pomeranian Puppies
Teacup French Bulldog 
Baby Face
French Bulldogs


Teacup and Miniature French Bulldog Puppies

Parti Colored
 Yorkies and Morkies

Hypoallergenic and

Tiny Teacup maltese Puppies For Sale
Extreme Baby Face Maltese Puppies

Hypoallergenic and 

Imperial ShihT
zu Puppies

Hypoallergenic and

MalShi Puppies
ShihTzu/Maltese Cross-Breed

Hypoallergenic and
Tiny Teacup Chihuahua Short Coat Chihuahuas 

Tiny Teacup Poodles

Hypoallergenic and

Long Coat Chihuahuas  

Sizes we specialize in:
Toy, Tiny Toy, Teacup, Tiny Teacup, Micro Tiny Teacup

Click "Breeds We Specialize In" at the top of any page
for size chart, price list, characteristics, colors
and other breed-specific information.

Official Licensed Dog Breeder by the State of Texas # Lic 203
It is mandatory that dog breeders be licensed and inspected by the the state.  If the breeder you are purchasing a puppy from does not have proof of license, you may be promoting an undercover puppy mill or counterfeit teacup dog breeder.

All of the puppies we specialize in come from our breeding pets. The only exception is adoption pets.
We have over 20 years of breeding experience.
Tiny Teacup Puppies are born and raised in a home environment and socialized with children and adults.
They have been taught our crate training method explained in the
pet training section.
Plus over $100.00 in pet supplies, coupons & gift certificates with your puppy purchase.

Over 385 information pages, pictures & videos or tiny teacup puppies, toy puppies, adults dogs & pet supplies.

Featured On WFAA Channel 8

Select our " Contact Information " to see our new hours and map of new location. 

In 1995 Teacup And Toy Pets had the first web site ( www.TexasTeacups.com ) to take a stand for tiny teacup puppies.
Which stole the heart of many celebrities. Their celebrity status rapidly grew as they launched a new fashion trend. It attracted pet lovers all over the world, with their designer carriers & tiny clothes.

Today we have expanded to bring you the worlds largest walk in pet boutique that specializes in teacup and toy puppies, tiny clothes and accessories for the pampered pet.
You can read more about us and see our photos in the meet the owner and employees page which can be accessed through our contact information. 

TexasTeacups was the first teacup dog breeder to offer a lifetime pet replacement & written money back size guarantee on teacup and toy puppy/dogs.

We are the only known web site on the internet that has free, lower priced and adoption teacup & toy puppies all year long with humongous life size pictures & videos of puppies now available for sale. Read our free puppy or adoption pet page in the Site/Map Directory to find out all the different reasons why we offer free / lower priced puppies and how to get one of your own.

Large indoor puppy Playrooms!
Bring the family and friends and spend as much time as you need with the puppies.
Get to know their personality and temperament before making a longterm commitment.

" The Smartest People in The World are people that love to read & take the time to research & evaluate their options as well as pray about decisions that will effect their family, finances & future"
Regardless of your education level your actions can change your future.
( Hosea 4: 6  My people are destroyed for lack of knowledge )

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